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5 Surprising Places You Can Encounter Roaches

Cockroaches are some of the most dreaded pests in the United States. These unsavory creatures can turn the stomach, and they can turn your peaceful home upside down with creepy uncertainty. While you might expect to see a cockroach in the kitchen or in your pipes, there are actually other places where an infestation might start.

1. AppliancesRoach

Cockroaches are known to like dark, dank places, which is why people worry about them in their pipes and drains. The fact is that cockroaches also find these conditions under your major appliances. While the stove and refrigerator may seem like obvious spots, cockroaches may also take up residence under your washer or dryer in the laundry room.

2. Recycling

Everyone knows that cockroaches like trash, but you should also be aware of their fondness for recycling. Cockroaches eat paper and cardboard, which can make your stacks of boxes and unwanted newspapers an oasis for these pests. The problem is pronounced when you do not clear your recycling on a regular basis. If your paper stacks sit for any extended period of time, you are at risk for an infestation.

3. Furniture

No one likes to think of cockroaches in the house, but what about in the furniture? Unfortunately, cockroaches have been known to nestle into furniture. Cockroaches like the stuffing inside of couches and chairs. They even like the wood finish of end tables, cabinets and other pieces of furniture.

4. Ceilings

Cockroaches cannot actually walk on ceilings, but you may see them up there from time to time if your house is infested. In some cases, cockroaches find a home under your molding or in other woodwork near the ceiling. When this happens, they sometimes make excursions across the ceiling. To make matters even more unpleasant, cockroaches have a tendency to fall when they try to walk on the ceiling. Needless to say, such a sight is unsettling.

5. Closets

The fact is that cockroaches like piles of stuff. In many cases, it does not matter what that stuff is. While paper and wood are often preferred, almost anything will suffice for a cockroach. Therefore, cockroaches may be living in your closets, making a home in the stuff you do not use regularly. Accordingly, be wary when pulling things out of closets. Cockroaches can appear when you get out your holiday decor, or they can scurry into the daylight when you bring out a box of old clothes or keepsakes.

No matter where you find a cockroach, there is only one way to get rid of it. The answer is to call Pest Control Solutions. Pest Control Solutions can get rid of cockroaches or any other pest inside your home.

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