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What You Need to Know About Scorpions

It can be unsettling to step into your kitchen in the middle of the night, turn on the light and see a scorpion skittering across the floor. It can be even more disturbing if you happen to step on a scorpion without your shoes on; you could receive a painful sting. Fortunately, most scorpions would rather run than fight. Here are some more facts about scorpions that you should know.Scorpion

All Scorpions Are Venomous, But Few Are Dangerous to Humans

Similar to spiders, all scorpions can deliver venom when they sting. However, the venom of most scorpions is not strong enough to cause serious harm to a healthy adult. Young children, pets, the elderly and anyone who is allergic to scorpion venom can be affected more severely. Healthy adults often experience a reaction that is no worse than a bee sting when stung by one of the less-venomous types.

Las Vegas Is Home to a Highly Venomous Scorpion

Of the 25 species of scorpions found in Nevada, only three are common in the Las Vegas area. Unfortunately, one of them is the Arizona bark scorpion, the most venomous type of scorpion found in the United States. Although fatalities are rare and typically limited to toddlers, small pets, adults whose immune systems are compromised and the elderly, stings are extremely painful. It is quite common for the area around the sting to experience temporary numbness, paralysis or convulsions. The other two types common in Las Vegas, the Arizona giant hairy scorpion and the stripetail scorpion, can deliver a painful sting, but unless the person has an allergic reaction, the venom poses little risk.

Scorpions Are Nocturnal

Scorpions hunt by night and hide during the day. When they invade your home, they may hide inside footwear or clothing, giving you an unpleasant surprise when you slip into your shoes or don an article of clothing. Outdoors, you could accidentally encounter a scorpion hiding under a rock, landscaping timber or other item that has not been disturbed recently.

Scorpions Eat Insects

Although there are some types of scorpions that are large enough to prey on rats, the types found in Las Vegas are not among them. Instead, they eat spiders and insects, including cockroaches, ants, crickets and maggots; the giant hairy scorpion can sometimes prey on small lizards. If these pests are present in your home or yard, scorpions can be attracted by them.

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How Spring Cleaning Helps Prevent Pests

Fly on leafSpring cleaning should involve more than just cleaning the windows in the home or getting rid of things that you no longer need. If you follow a few simple tips, then keeping pests away in the spring will often be an easy task along with ensuring that the exterior and interior of the home is as clean as you want.

Look around the home to see if there are any entry points that need to be sealed. When the warm weather of spring and summer arrives, pests will begin trying to get to a cooler environment as well as an environment where they have a water source. This is often inside your home. Seal any cracks around the windows or doors with caulking material or plastic so that nothing can get inside. You should also seal any cracks around light fixtures as well as the plumbing in the home as these are often entry points for smaller pests, such as ants or spiders.

Any food that is in the home should be kept in sealed containers instead of being left in an open box or left on a counter or table. These items also include foods for pets because pests often enjoy this kind of meal as well. The pantry is usually an ideal location for ants, mice and other pests that like to get inside boxes if they can smell food. Throw out anything that is old or that appears as though it has been tampered with to keep other pests from getting to it as well.

Get rid of anything outside that has standing water in it or anything that could be a reservoir for standing water. Mosquitoes often begin to swarm in the spring, and they like to look for standing water to lay their eggs. Remove any leaves, brush or logs on the property as well. These are inviting places for all kinds of pests to make a home. You might not even know that there are pests present until you walk in the yard or until you move items that are no longer needed in the yard.

Contact Pest Control Solutions, Inc. if your home or business have been invaded with pests. Our team of professionals will work hard to ensure these pests will be eliminated.

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5 Surprising Places You Can Encounter Roaches

Cockroaches are some of the most dreaded pests in the United States. These unsavory creatures can turn the stomach, and they can turn your peaceful home upside down with creepy uncertainty. While you might expect to see a cockroach in the kitchen or in your pipes, there are actually other places where an infestation might start.

1. AppliancesRoach

Cockroaches are known to like dark, dank places, which is why people worry about them in their pipes and drains. The fact is that cockroaches also find these conditions under your major appliances. While the stove and refrigerator may seem like obvious spots, cockroaches may also take up residence under your washer or dryer in the laundry room.

2. Recycling

Everyone knows that cockroaches like trash, but you should also be aware of their fondness for recycling. Cockroaches eat paper and cardboard, which can make your stacks of boxes and unwanted newspapers an oasis for these pests. The problem is pronounced when you do not clear your recycling on a regular basis. If your paper stacks sit for any extended period of time, you are at risk for an infestation.

3. Furniture

No one likes to think of cockroaches in the house, but what about in the furniture? Unfortunately, cockroaches have been known to nestle into furniture. Cockroaches like the stuffing inside of couches and chairs. They even like the wood finish of end tables, cabinets and other pieces of furniture.

4. Ceilings

Cockroaches cannot actually walk on ceilings, but you may see them up there from time to time if your house is infested. In some cases, cockroaches find a home under your molding or in other woodwork near the ceiling. When this happens, they sometimes make excursions across the ceiling. To make matters even more unpleasant, cockroaches have a tendency to fall when they try to walk on the ceiling. Needless to say, such a sight is unsettling.

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3 Tips for Bed Bug Prevention

If you don’t want bed bugs to invade your home and cause problems for your family, you are likely wondering how you can safeguard your home from the threat. bed bugs are tiny insects that will create a nest in your bedroom or the other parts of your home, coming out to bite at night.

Preventing a bed bug infestation is easier than getting rid of them once they invade, so remaining proactive is vital. You can take several steps to reduce your odds of facing bed bugs and the issues that come with them, and the following information will get you started.Bed bug

Use Caution When You Travel

Even though bed bugs can find many ways to get into your home, you are the most likely to catch them when you travel to hotels and use airports. If you are planning to take a trip, look at online reviews of the hotels you have in mind if you don’t want to face unexpected problems when you arrive.

Also, bring a flashlight to check the seams of the mattress when you get into your room. When you return home, place your clothes in the dryer on the hottest setting to kill any bed bugs that are present.

Learn the Warning Signs

Since bed bug prevention is much easier than bed bug elimination, learning to spot the signs of an infestation is always a smart move. You will be able to detect the pests during the early stages before they have the chance to spread. bed bugs often leave red marks behind after they consume a meal, but you can also find stains and fecal matter on your sheets and mattress.

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Ant Control Myths

antIf ants have invaded your home and you are looking for a way to overcome the problem without stress, you have likely found many methods that promise to help. While the internet can be a great source of information, you will also encounter a range of myths about ant control that can lead you down the wrong path, making it even harder for you to address the issue. 

Ants won't spread diseases or cause lasting damage but can ruin your food, so you will still want to contain them quickly if you can. Learning about the myths will help you decide what approach will get the job done. 

Boiling Water Gets Rid of Ants

One myth that keeps coming up is that boiling water will get ants out of your home for good, but that is not entirely true. Pouring boiling water on ants will kill them on contact, but the temperature of the water will drop after a short period, and it will no longer harm ants at that point. In addition to being ineffective, pouring boiling water in or around your home can create additional hazards that you should avoid.

Cinnamon is an Ant Repellent

If you have ever gone on a picnic, you have probably heard that you can use cinnamon to keep ants away from your meal. This myth is rooted in truth but is not as effective as many people would like to believe. Even though ants will avoid cinnamon when you create a perimeter with it, this solution won't help you get rid of ants that are already in your home.

Vinegar Kills Ants

You have probably tried to use vinegar to kill ants at some point, and you might think that you have enjoyed small levels of success along the way. The truth is that vinegar does not kill ants or force them to leave your home. 

When ants find a source of food, they will create a scent trail that leads back to their colony to help others locate the meal. Spraying vinegar will disrupt the trail and make it a lot harder for other ants to find your home. But if you are currently dealing with the unwelcome guests, spraying vinegar is a waste of time and energy. It will not get the ants to leave, and you will still need to find a solution that will not let you down. 

Pest Control Solutions

When ants make their move and you want to get them away from your home, you can reach out to the team at Pest Control Solutions, and you won’t regret it. The team will come to your door and learn about your needs so that they can use an approach that makes sense for your situation.

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