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Forecasting Pests for 2018

calendarIt's the same thing every year: Pests continue to invade homes across the country. It's not so bad some years; it's worse other times. The weather is often the cause for rising pest infestations as heavy rain and droughts bring out more pest insects and rodents. An increase in pests during the fall and winter months of 2017 may carry over next year and cause numerous problems for homes and businesses.

The 2018 Pest Forecast


A warmer winter leads to more rainfall and increased pests. Look out for a rise in tick, rodent and stinkbug populations from 2017 to 2018. Wetter conditions lead to higher pest activity both indoors and outside.


A cooler winter gives rise to more termites than ever in the Southeast, including various ant species. These pests will continue to thrive through the winter and invade homes in 2018. If termites aren't eliminated before their colony expands, it could lead to serious damage and more costly repairs.


The Northwest has experienced a drier winter, which brings out the rodents. Their search for water will lead them into homes and businesses across the area. If the dry conditions persist, rodents will be at an all-time high in 2018.


The Southwest usually has drier conditions, but a cooler and wetter winter keeps pests on the move. Spiders, roaches, ants and stinging insects will thrive in the winter and continue to infest homes and businesses into the New Year.

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Why Restaurants & Bars Need Regular Pest Control Service

restaurantRunning and managing a restaurant comes with many challenges that you need to overcome if you want to maintain long-term success. When you want to keep your establishment at its best for as long as possible, watch out for common pests and the complications they cause. No matter how tempting, don't overlook a pest infestation when you notice it. Failing to address the issue right away will give it time to progress, and you don't want to fall into that trap if you value your bottom line. You must learn why you need regular pest control services and how a pest control expert can safeguard your restaurant. Once you arm yourself with the correct information, you will be able to make your decision with confidence.

Pests Harm Your Reputation

When people want to go to a nice restaurant for a tasty meal, they want to know that their food will be safe and clean. If a customer spots a rodent or insect in your building, you could lose that customer forever, but that's not even the worst part. An unhappy customer can write about their experience online, and most consumers consider feedback when they are looking for a place at which to eat. One rat or bug is all that it takes to start the cycle, and some restaurants will go out of business as a result.

Pests Can Lead to Fines

When rodents, ants, cockroaches or other pests decide to invade your restaurant, they can force you to pay fines or to close your doors. Serving food to the public comes with many responsibilities that you must uphold, and government inspectors can issue citations if they find pests on your property. You should also understand that these citations will become public records that anyone can view. Rather than waiting until you notice the signs of a pest problem before you take action, you will want to proactively check your property for red flags, which will allow you to respond during the early stages of an infestation.

Protecting Yourself

Although pests can result in fines and a damaged reputation, you can strive to keep yourself out of harm's way. Cleaning your restaurant and taking out the trash on a consistent basis will boost your odds of reaching your goal, but you can also buy mouse traps before rodents invade. Doing so will keep you ahead of the game and prevent the rodents from spreading. Since pests can use small holes to gain access to a building, maintaining your restaurant and sealing any holes in your walls will work wonders.

Pest Control Solutions Inc.

You can strive to reduce the odds of a pest infestation, but you can't replace the skills and training of a pest control professional. When you turn to Pest Control Solutions Inc., our team will inspect your restaurant and treat it for any pests that might be bothering you. When we visit you consistently, you won't need to worry about the problems that pests cause, and you will have peace of mind. Your guests will appreciate the effort, and you won't face fines from the government when you let us give you a hand. If you are ready to begin, you can pick up the phone to give us a call, and we are thrilled to work with you.

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Which Spiders Should Spook You This Halloween Season?

spiders plAs Halloween quickly approaches, many people are planning their costumes and preparing for ghosts and goblins. However, Fall brings much scarier things than ghosts. The beginning of the colder seasons also invite spiders and other insects into the inviting warmth of your home. Which spiders should you be most concerned about? What steps can you take to keep the spider population in your home low? The following paragraphs will address these important questions. 

The Most Dangerous Fall Spiders 

Spiders do provide many benefits by serving as natural predators for other insects and bugs. However, there are a couple of varieties of venomous spiders that can be dangerous. Do you know how to recognize them? 

Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse spiders are very common throughout many parts of the United States. They are typically a medium brown color but can also be dark brown or a dull yellow. Brown recluse spiders have a unique identifying mark in the shape of an upside down violin on their back. They also have jointed legs that have a slightly different appearance to other common spider species. 

As the name implies, brown recluse spiders are shy and docile by nature. They attempt to avoid human contact for the most part and prefer to hide in dark areas of the home instead. This can make closets, shoes, and clothing an appealing place for them to reside. Brown recluse spiders will bite when provoked. If you are unaware of their presence and put on an infested article of clothing, it is possible to sustain a painful bite. Brown recluse spiders inject a venom that is necrotic in nature. Once a bite is inflicted, your skin surrounding the area of the bite can begin to decay. Therefore, it is important to have brown recluse spider bites treated promptly. 

Black Widow Spiders

Black widow spiders are well-known for the bright red hourglass shape that is present on their abdomen. Black widows spin very irregular webs where they will sit and wait for prey to become trapped. Outdoors, black widow spiders prefer to reside near piles of wood or under groups of rocks. Male black widow spiders are docile. Females can be very aggressive, especially while laying or watching over their eggs. 

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Don't Bet on Home Remedies for Your Pest Problem

homeWhen dealing with annoying pests that disrupt your peace of mind, it can be very tempting to try to solve the problem yourself using a variety of home remedies. You've likely walked into a variety of stores and seen numerous pest control products lining the shelves. While these products are advertised as a quick and affordable solution to your problem, it's not always so easy. The fact is, self-treatment options for pest control are often more trouble than they're worth. In the paragraphs that follow, we will discuss four main reasons that home remedies for pest control simply don't work well.

Failing to Address the Root Cause

To completely eliminate pests, you have to determine where they are coming from and understand the mechanics of how they function. This can be very different depending on what type of pest you are dealing with. For example, ants live in huge colonies. Ants are very good about leaving behind scent trails that allow other ants from the colony to find their location. Simply treating the ants you see is not enough. To get rid of the infestation and keep them from returning, you must eliminate the entire colony and remove the scent trails within your home. Most home remedies for ants or any other type of pest simply treat the symptoms but fail to get to the root cause of the issue, which means more work and expense for you in the end.

Underestimating the Pest

Sometimes homeowners fail to see the true nature of the pest they're dealing with. Some types of pests, especially rodents, have developed keen mannerisms to outsmart even the best home remedies designed to get rid of them. Professional pest control companies have employees that are trained in many different types of pest control treatment options and will be able to find one that will work for the specific pest in question.

Treating the Wrong Areas

Treating the wrong areas of your home or failing to treat all the right areas will lead to an exasperating and costly experience. Part of treating the correct areas is having a full understanding of the pest you're dealing with and how to properly remove it and keep it from returning. This can be difficult for the average homeowner but will be much easier for those specifically trained in pest removal techniques.

Underestimating the Severity of the Problem

Infestations often run much deeper than what the eye can see. For example, you may not even know about a termite infestation for a long period of time. The same is true of rodents and many other pests. You may only see one or two, but there may be dozens throughout your home in various locations. It's not only vital to understand how the pest functions but also to know the severity of the infestation so that it can be handled accordingly.

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Don't Bring Bed Bugs Home From Summer Vacation

bed-bugWith the warm weather of summer on hand, many people will embark on exciting summer vacations to relax, to unwind and to have fun. If you are planning a trip over the summer, keep in mind that traveling increases the risk of bedbugs. This does not mean you need to live in fear, but keeping a few tips in mind is a smart move that you don't want to overlook. You can take many steps to safeguard yourself from the threat, but you will never eliminate the danger. The warning signs that you will learn to spot will allow you to address the problem in the early stages, making it that much easier to handle.

Why Bedbugs Target You

Because many people stay at hotels while they are away from home, hotel rooms are the perfect place for bedbugs to spread, and if you place your suitcase in an infested area, it won't take long for the insects to get inside and to follow you home. You are unlikely to notice one or two bedbugs, but the parasites will spread before you know it. You can also pick up bedbugs in taxis and other public areas. Some people believe that bedbugs target buildings that have a lot of clutter, but these insects only care about finding a human host on which to feed.

How to Prevent Bedbugs

If your goal is to keep bedbugs away, learning how to stop them from getting into your house is a useful step. When you travel, carry a small flashlight and a few trash bags in case you encounter them. The moment you arrive at your hotel, place your suitcase in the bathroom, keeping it away from the carpet and bed. Next, use your flashlight to inspect the mattress for bugs or small blood stains. If you spot any signs of trouble, you must leave the area and request a new room.

How to Check Your Suitcase and Clothes for Bedbugs

Even when you take steps to safeguard yourself, you will still want to check your clothes and luggage when you get home from your summer trip. Putting clothes in a plastic bag before you go inside will work wonders for containing the problem. You will then want to take everything into the bathroom or garage, carefully unfolding your shirts and pants under a bright light. If you see any bedbugs, put your clothes in the dryer on the highest heat setting for at least an hour.

Pest Control Solutions Inc.

Despite your best effort, bedbugs can still follow you back and make their way into your home without your knowledge. If you have spotted them or think that you could have bedbugs, contact Pest Control Solutions Inc. right away.

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