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Types of Nuisance Birds in Las Vegas

pigeonPest Control Solutions Inc. provides critical services to our clients in Las Vegas. Birds migrate through this region of the country all year, and they can annoy the residents and business owners. Our pest control services are designed to correctly identify these birds, which is essential for taking appropriate action.

Top Nuisance Birds in Las Vegas

The most common birds in this region can be annoying. We carefully analyze the appearance, behavior, and habits of the birds in the area. We use this information to come up with effective solutions. Here is a short list of birds that create a nuisance to residents, visitors and business owners in Las Vegas:

• Band-tailed pigeon: Although this particular pigeon is quiet compared to other species, it still has an annoying habit of leaving a trail of droppings in any place where it travels. They are voracious eaters, and they are always looking for a meal of insects and other small pests. They will also eat human food as well. When visitors to Las Vegas have to step over or around a pile of bird droppings, there is a good chance that a band-tailed pigeon was involved.

• Cackling goose: These birds have a distinctive appearance, and there are several different sub-species found in Las Vegas. This bird has a long neck with a black head and a white strip of fur around the neck area. The feathers are light brown and tan, and this bird has a unique voice that is annoying to some people. The female and male produce different sounds.

• Woodpeckers: Woodpeckers are notoriously irritating because of the repetitive sounds they make when they are pounding their beaks against the wood of various Las Vegas trees. In addition, they may also perform this activity on other wooden structures as well. Some people report woodpeckers rapping against the walls of their garage or home. This can disturb your sleep, but it can also damage the property.

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Why You Need A Professional For Ant Control

ant-controlMost people look forward to the warm weather of spring and summer, planning vacations, cookouts and more. Although it's the perfect time to go outside and enjoy yourself, remember that pests are a problem that you won't want to overlook. Each year, people face ant infestations but don't know what to do about it. Most house ants are harmless and won't cause much trouble, but they are unpleasant to have around and will get into your food if they have the chance. With a painful sting, fire ants take the problem to the next level. If you don't want the situation to get worse than it already is, it's time to take action to protect yourself. You are going to learn some at-home solutions and why contacting a professional is a safe bet.

Case Study

When faced with ants, some people will take extreme measures to get rid of them, and learn from their mistakes will prevent you from falling into the same trap. According to a story published by CBS, a 21-year-old man attempted to eliminate an ant problem by using matches. The man, however, did not notice the flammable materials that were nearby and caught the house on fire as a result. The man was able to escape, and nobody else was home when the fire took place, but three pets were lost during the incident.

Common Solutions

In addition to fire, you will also come across a range of at-home solutions that claim to get the job done right. You have likely tried different sprays and traps in the past without much luck, and this is because most of the products that you can find in stores and online are not as effective as you would expect. Even if you have a viable ant repellent, it won't be enough to reach your desired outcome unless you have the training and experience to go with it. Inability to get your ant problem under control promptly will give them time to spread.

Pest Control Solutions Inc.

Although most failed attempts to handle an ant population don't cause house fires, a lot of people experience frustration when they are unable to solve the problem. If you want to save yourself the trouble, contact the team at Pest Control Solutions Inc. as soon as you can. Each member of our staff has what it takes to tackle any pest control issue that you can imagine, and we will do what is needed to show you that you are in good hands. With our attention to detail, we won't miss anything, and the ants that are on your property won't stand a chance.

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Preventing Bees from crashing your Memorial Day BBQ

beeSince bees are so important to the environment, exterminating them should always be left as a last resort. Honeybees in particular are harmless and only sting when they're provoked, but if they're still interfering with your backyard BBQs, then there are steps you can take to prevent them from crashing any more parties.

Remove Any Food Sources

Nectar is the main food source for bees. This doesn't mean, however, that you have to get rid of your whole garden. Since bees are attracted to sugar, you can limit access to this food source outside of your home. If possible, you can leave out old snacks and sodas in a place far from where you have your BBQ; this will act as a diversion. Also, be more vigilant about how you dispose of trash, and don't keep open containers out in the open. Bees are able to travel long distances for their food and can live for a long time on food reserves stored in their hives, which means they won't get angry at you for taking this step.

Remove Wood Structures

If your yard has become the home of carpenter bees, this next step is very important. Carpenter bees like to bore holes into wood, but they prefer wood that's unvarnished and unpainted. If you can't remove a wood structure - for example, your eaves and fascia will have to stay - then it's a good idea to have it painted over. This will keep the bees from buzzing around your home.

Eliminate Patches of Bare, Dry Earth

Many species of bee live in underground burrows. To make their nests in the first place, they need patches of dry soil. You can prevent these bees from dwelling in your yard by overseeding and watering those bare spots.

Call a Pest Control Professional

When worse comes to worst and the bees start stinging to defend their territory, you'll need a pest control expert to come over. Pest control companies can usually remove hives without having to exterminate the bees. There are methods, though, for extermination, including non-residual insecticide sprays. These insecticides usually have a knockdown effect, where the bee is paralyzed by the chemicals. For burrows, an insecticide dust is most often used. The nests of bees, wasps, and yellowjackets can also be eliminated through freezing.

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The Dangers of Scorpions in Nevada

scorpionThere are a lot of amazing benefits to living in Nevada, from the gorgeous desert skies to the fantastic Las Vegas strip. One drawback, however, are the bugs. The state of Nevada is home to 23 species of scorpions, and if you’re not careful, you could end up with some unwelcome visitors in your home.

The Bark Scorpion: A Common Pest with a Nasty Sting

The most common species in the state is the bark scorpion. It also happens to be the most venomous type in the country. The venom from the stinger on the tip of the scorpion’s tail is toxic, causing symptoms such as vomiting, muscle spasms, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties or even death.

Steering Clear of Stings: Watch Those Nooks and Crannies

Scorpions take refuge from the desert heat in any cool, dark place they can find, which often poses a threat to humans. If you leave your shoes by the front porch before you come inside, be sure to check them the next morning or you might discover an unpleasant surprise.

It’s not just your shoes, either. You’ll need to be careful about any dark nooks and crannies. Scorpions are great at climbing and can find their way up onto closet shelves, bookcases and even kitchen cupboards. They’ll also hang out beneath sinks or in basements where moisture might be present. Although scorpions don’t require much water to live, they do enjoy hanging around moist areas to hunt for other bugs.

Avoiding Scorpions in the Home: Crucial Steps

1. Clean Things Up

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Why Customers Love PCSI: Pest Control Solutions, Inc.

truckPest Control Solutions, Inc. is a local pest control company that provides exceptional services to business and residential customers in the greater Las Vegas vicinity as well as the surrounding areas. Our commitment to professionalism extends to every aspect of our company. This includes a variety of service methods, which we instill into our team. Service begins with the customer’s initial contact with our company representative, and it extends to our on-site protocols, ongoing communication and follow-up methods.

Our Commitment

We hire only the most qualified service professionals to represent our company. Providing reliable service is also an integral part of our marketing plan because we rely on satisfied clients to tell others about their experiences. Reliable service is an essential part of our commitment to offering an exceptional experience that you can count on for years to come. Our company provides the most reliable and cost-effective services to all of our customers.

Customer Reviews

Our customer reviews highlight the exceptional quality we provide to everyone who trusts us with their pest-control needs. We address the most common pest problems that affect people in any community. We tackle a variety of pests because different areas get infested with different pests. This includes rodents, spiders, beetles, birds, termites and other common pests. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan that includes advanced technology, a lifetime warrantee, gold-standard service and EPA-approved products.

Satisfied customers are the hallmark of our company. We use the feedback of our previous customers to inform our team of how to deploy the best practices. This includes every aspect of our customer’s service experience. We extend this professionalism to the scheduling process as well. Our customers appreciate our process for making appointments, which includes confirmation messages and instant replies. We have a track record of fast response times and friendly engagement with customers who have questions about our products. Our exceptional customer service protocols include text messages and reminders for easy re-scheduling and quality assurance during every step of the process.

Our Company

Many of our most satisfied customers tried other solutions before calling our company. There are many reasons to call our service team for your pest-control needs. We provide you with a complete examination of your property in order to target the areas that are most likely to create a breeding ground for pests. We maintain long-term relationships with our clients, and we openly encourage our customers to provide us with feedback and any comments you have about your experience. We encourage you to contact Pest Control Solutions to set up an appointment.

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