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Don't Bring Bed Bugs Home From Summer Vacation

bed-bugWith the warm weather of summer on hand, many people will embark on exciting summer vacations to relax, to unwind and to have fun. If you are planning a trip over the summer, keep in mind that traveling increases the risk of bedbugs. This does not mean you need to live in fear, but keeping a few tips in mind is a smart move that you don't want to overlook. You can take many steps to safeguard yourself from the threat, but you will never eliminate the danger. The warning signs that you will learn to spot will allow you to address the problem in the early stages, making it that much easier to handle.

Why Bedbugs Target You

Because many people stay at hotels while they are away from home, hotel rooms are the perfect place for bedbugs to spread, and if you place your suitcase in an infested area, it won't take long for the insects to get inside and to follow you home. You are unlikely to notice one or two bedbugs, but the parasites will spread before you know it. You can also pick up bedbugs in taxis and other public areas. Some people believe that bedbugs target buildings that have a lot of clutter, but these insects only care about finding a human host on which to feed.

How to Prevent Bedbugs

If your goal is to keep bedbugs away, learning how to stop them from getting into your house is a useful step. When you travel, carry a small flashlight and a few trash bags in case you encounter them. The moment you arrive at your hotel, place your suitcase in the bathroom, keeping it away from the carpet and bed. Next, use your flashlight to inspect the mattress for bugs or small blood stains. If you spot any signs of trouble, you must leave the area and request a new room.

How to Check Your Suitcase and Clothes for Bedbugs

Even when you take steps to safeguard yourself, you will still want to check your clothes and luggage when you get home from your summer trip. Putting clothes in a plastic bag before you go inside will work wonders for containing the problem. You will then want to take everything into the bathroom or garage, carefully unfolding your shirts and pants under a bright light. If you see any bedbugs, put your clothes in the dryer on the highest heat setting for at least an hour.

Pest Control Solutions Inc.

Despite your best effort, bedbugs can still follow you back and make their way into your home without your knowledge. If you have spotted them or think that you could have bedbugs, contact Pest Control Solutions Inc. right away.

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