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Don’t Get Antsy if You Have Ants This Winter: Call Pest Control Solutions Inc.!

Ants are harmless individually, but an entire colony of them can cause some serious damage to your health and home. From spreading germs to destroying property to giving painful stings, the variety of ways an ant colony can mess up your life is considerable, and it’s made even worse by the fact that ant colonies are continually increasing in size through a queen who can live for 25 years.

While you can do your best to take on this problem by yourself, you may only be able to scratch the surface. Here is how Pest Control Solutions Inc. can handle your ant problem for good and why you should give them a call if the ants in your house are unmanageable.

The Hassle of DIY Ant Control

Anybody can kill an ant. Many people end up killing ants everyday without even realizing it. Single ants are rarely a problem; however, a colony with tens of thousands of them are. And no matter how many of them you step on, the queen can make more.

There are some ways to hold back an infestation, such as sealing off entry points to your house, setting up traps, and spraying store bought insecticides. However, these methods are mostly only for prevention. If an infestation is already in full swing, you may need to call for backup.

Why You Need Pest Control Solutions Inc.

At Pest Control Solutions Inc., we have the experience, knowledge and resources needed to take out ant infestations permanently. We track down the source of the ants and strategically spray insecticides in key areas to weaken the colony. The ones that survive will carry the insecticide with them to the rest of the ants, causing infertility and slowly reducing their ranks.

Once the queen has been killed, the remaining ants will scatter and try to begin a new colony with another queen. A heavy dose of organic, liquid insecticide will stop them before they can, ending your infestation once and for all.

A few ants in your house is unsanitary. An entire colony is catastrophic. If you’ve struggled with an ant infestation, you know that for every one you kill, it seems as if ten more are ready to take its place. Fortunately, pest control specialists like us have years of experience in handling ant problems, and we can help you too.

For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, visit us at today.

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