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How Spring Cleaning Helps Prevent Pests

Fly on leafSpring cleaning should involve more than just cleaning the windows in the home or getting rid of things that you no longer need. If you follow a few simple tips, then keeping pests away in the spring will often be an easy task along with ensuring that the exterior and interior of the home is as clean as you want.

Look around the home to see if there are any entry points that need to be sealed. When the warm weather of spring and summer arrives, pests will begin trying to get to a cooler environment as well as an environment where they have a water source. This is often inside your home. Seal any cracks around the windows or doors with caulking material or plastic so that nothing can get inside. You should also seal any cracks around light fixtures as well as the plumbing in the home as these are often entry points for smaller pests, such as ants or spiders.

Any food that is in the home should be kept in sealed containers instead of being left in an open box or left on a counter or table. These items also include foods for pets because pests often enjoy this kind of meal as well. The pantry is usually an ideal location for ants, mice and other pests that like to get inside boxes if they can smell food. Throw out anything that is old or that appears as though it has been tampered with to keep other pests from getting to it as well.

Get rid of anything outside that has standing water in it or anything that could be a reservoir for standing water. Mosquitoes often begin to swarm in the spring, and they like to look for standing water to lay their eggs. Remove any leaves, brush or logs on the property as well. These are inviting places for all kinds of pests to make a home. You might not even know that there are pests present until you walk in the yard or until you move items that are no longer needed in the yard.

Contact Pest Control Solutions, Inc. if your home or business have been invaded with pests. Our team of professionals will work hard to ensure these pests will be eliminated.

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