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How to Deter Cockroaches

roachCockroaches can run three miles per hour. That means they can spread diseases, bacteria, and germs throughout your house very quickly.

These pests have a determination to live through the most dangerous circumstances. It is significantly easier to prevent them from coming in instead of exterminating them from your home.

Strategies to Prevent Cockroaches

These tiny bugs can come through small cracks, vents, crevices, and sewers. The best way to keep them away is to make sure they can’t come in. A few tips:

  • Store everything in sealable containers. If they can’t get to a food source, they won’t survive in your home.
  • Avoid exposed liquids. This could be left out water, spilled liquids, any spillage from food preparation, water collected under sinks, or liquids inside of appliances.
  • Seal garbage and compost containers. Much like with food, if your garbage or compost is in sealable containers, cockroaches won’t have access to them.
  • Avoid leaving pet food out overnight. If it’s good for your dog or cat, the cockroach will think it’s good as well.
  • Rinse all recyclables before putting them in a bin. Bottles, cans, or other plastic containers may still have residue after they’re empty. If you rinse them out, cockroaches won’t be attracted to them.
  • Maintain an organized area. Old newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, etc. are all things that clutter up and provide the perfect latrine or shelter for cockroaches.
  • Seal all wooden furniture. If you use varnish or paint to seal the wood, and then wipe them regularly, it can help deter them.
  • Cockroaches love dark and damp areas, so pipes are the perfect entrance and shelter. Make sure all repairs are done, and you clean any blockages.
  • As earlier stated, cockroaches can come inside your home through a plethora of small openings. Try to seal any you see. These could also be near walls, electrical sockets, skirting boards, bathroom cabinets, or under your kitchen sink.
  • Keep overgrown vegetation to a minimum in your yard. Try to avoid any large plants or bushes away from any external walls or doors.
  • Keep firewood as far away as possible. These provide perfect homes for a variety of pests to harbor in.
  • Hire a professional exterminating company to regularly treat your home for preventative measures.

Pest Control Solutions, Inc.

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