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Simple Tips For Keeping Pests Out of Cars

Keep vehicles safe from pests all year long with the proper precautions. Pest-proof your cars by following some of these helpful pieces of advice. A mouse can crawl into your car and chew on the insulation and wires. These repairs are expensive to fix, not to mention time-consuming. The risks are not only cosmetic; they can affect the structural components of the car. A rodent infestation can also put you at risk of potential illness, such as Hantavirus. You can help keep your cars clean and pest-free with some of these ideas.

Watch Where you Park the Car

If you can avoid parking in grassy areas, you will be able to prevent many insects and rodents. Wooded areas and tall grass are home to rodents and keep them from your car by not parking in these locations. Try to park the car on pavement or on gravel. You can deter mice by placing mothballs under it. Fox urine powder can also get mice away.

Don’t Store Food in Your Car

Keep pests away by not giving them a reason to come to you car. Keep food out of the car, and try not to eat food in the car either. You can keep a cooler in your home and bring it into your car for day use, but don’t leave anything sitting in your cars.

Remove the Mice

Setting up mouse traps in areas where the mice are will help you get rid of the mice. This will get rid of any rodents that enter. There are also sound repellers that will get them out of your car.

Open the Hood

Open the hood while the car is parked to keep mice away from nesting in it. A warm, enclosed hood is an ideal place for mice to nest. Keeping the hood open while you’re parked will keep the mice away from the car.

Keep it Clean

Regularly cleaning your vehicle is the best deterrent from pests or other animals. Vacuum it, and be sure to wipe off the grime. You can try using essential oils such as citrus to keep insects away. You can also make a solution from vinegar, lemon oil, and vanilla and spray it on the hard surfaces and wipe it down. These smells are natural pesticides. They also will help get your car super clean. Eucalyptus is another oil that can help keep bugs away.

If you are experiencing a pest infestation or fear one upcoming, don’t fret! Contact Pest Control Solutions today to talk with a team of professionals that care about keeping your vehicle pest-free.

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