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Effective Pest Management Solutions In Carson, CA

With a location in Los Angeles County, California, Carson is a rapidly growing area that boasts a plethora of businesses and homes, ensuring there are plenty of things to do for everyone. Plus, downtown LA is just 13 miles away, only adding to the potential for fun. However, with such offerings available, it's not surprising that pest infestations happen all too frequently.

For this reason, our pest control technicians are standing by to provide the dependable year-round pest protection needed by the city's residents. We provide natural, green pest solutions that are completely safe without compromising on the results you deserve. Explore your pest control options today by contacting Pest Control Solutions Inc. Get your free estimate and take the first step toward becoming pest-free once again.

Residential Pest Control In Carson, CA

When you're home and everything is running smoothly, you tend to feel safe, secure, and like everything is going to be just fine. However, pest infestations can quickly ruin this ideal and will require prompt attention to remain in control. In those cases, the best thing to do is seek residential pest control services.

At Pest Control Solutions Inc, our technicians are here to keep you protected against pest infestations regardless of the type of invading pest. With a comprehensive inspection, we can identify the source of your problems and what will be needed to eliminate unwanted pests. To accomplish this, we develop and execute a customized treatment plan just for you.

Don't suffer from pest infestations in your home any longer than necessary. Contact us today to explore your residential pest control options and get your free estimate!


How To Control Pigeons Outside Carson Businesses

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Chances are when you think of pests, pigeons do not come to mind. Unfortunately, this greatly underscores the negative impact they cause to Carson’s businesses. Despite their harmless appearance, pigeons transmit diseases, cause debris to increase from their nesting habits, and their feces contain uric acid, which is highly corrosive. The good news is there are ways to control pigeon infestations, which include:

  • Discourage Feeding: Most people will often throw crumbs and other foods towards pigeons, which only encourages them to stick around your business.
  • Bird Spikes: Placing these along your roofline, gutters, and other perch-like spots, keeps them from landing comfortably and encourages them to seek out other places.
  • Falconry: Investing in fake birds of prey has been shown to work as a scare tactic to a point. While not flawless, every little bit helps when it comes to pigeon control.

The best way to control pigeons outside your business is to call on the team at Pest Control Solutions Inc. Our pest control technicians provide complete bird control services, so you can rest easy that pigeon problems will stop soon. Contact us today for your free estimate and get started.

The Dangers Termites Bring To Homes In Carson, California

a termite swarmers infestation

One pest that is an automatic problem once they've invaded is termites. This pest is known for the dangers it brings to homes in Carson and other cities in the surrounding areas. While they don't present a direct threat to people, termites do cause property damage.

Given enough time and a large enough colony, the property damage can lead to structural issues that make your home dangerous to live in without performing the necessary repairs. These repairs are often costly to perform and usually not covered by insurance, which is why preventative termite control is so valuable.

Our pest control technicians take proactive steps to make sure that your property is protected from the damage caused by termites and other pests in the area. Since termites burrow deep into the structure of your home, they're often difficult to detect.

Don't take any chances by working with us to control and prevent termite infestations in your home. Contact us today at Pest Control Solutions Inc to explore your termite control options and get your free estimate!

Commercial Pest Control In Carson, CA

Running your own business takes a lot of time and effort, which often leaves you unprepared to deal with a pest infestation that seems to come out of nowhere. Unfortunately, ignoring the problem won't make it go away and will only make things worse. That's why commercial pest control is the solution your business deserves.

Our pest control technicians at Pest Control Solutions Inc will work with you to identify exactly what's happening, so we can implement a customized treatment guaranteed to deliver the results you need and keep your business running smoothly. We provide 24-hour service that includes weekends, nights, and other times, so you know you're always protected.

Get the commercial pest control you need for your business, so you can remain focused on what matters most. Contact us today to get your free estimate and take the first steps towards protecting your business.


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