Centennial Hills, NV Pest Control

Centennial Hills is a great residential area in Las Vegas. Residents enjoy access to amenities but a quiet enough environment away from the Strip. The climate is mildly humid to dry, and temperatures climb up the thermometer into the 100s during the summer. While the dry climate makes Centennial Hills less attractive to some types of pests, there are still several that thrive on the warmth and food supply provided by human residents.


These pests have been spreading rapidly throughout Las Vegas. People who work in hotels and casinos often bring them home, and they spread to the homes of friends, schools, gyms and many other places. If you have bedbugs, you may not realize it until the infestation is bad. These pests are elusive and can hide easily in tiny crevices between the mattress seams since they are small and flat. Their bodies are brown in color and round to elongated depending on whether they have recently eaten. They feed on human blood and are usually nocturnal.

You may see dirt that is a reddish color, which is their excrement. Also, you may see itchy red bumps in a row on your skin after bedbugs bite you. Some people notice a strong and musky scent close to an infestation. Since bedbugs can live weeks or more than a month without feasting on blood, they are especially hard to eliminate.


Asian, German, American and Australian cockroaches are common in the Las Vegas area. Water in and around the homes of residents attracts them, and they feed on anything from food that is left out to bacterial residue in sinks. Cockroaches may be black, tan or a reddish-brown color. Some are longer than an inch while others are shorter. However, all types of roaches pose the same threat, which is bacterial contamination. They are known to regurgitate and drop feces in food containers. Also, their colonies grow quickly. Since they can easily slide under crevices, behind cabinets and under baseboards, they are hard to exterminate without professional help. Cockroaches can get into your home through tiny crevices or through ducts and walls if you share a wall with a duplex or apartment neighbor.


Scorpions are an especially problematic type of pest in Nevada. Their stings are painful. While most types of scorpions in the area are not a major medical threat, the bark scorpion is an exception. It was recently introduced into the area accidentally when palm trees and desert landscaping plants were brought to Las Vegas. Hundreds of scorpions can live in a single palm tree. Since they climb, they can easily get into your home on any level. They often enter through windows, doors and through gaps around pipes. Bark scorpion stings deliver a powerful venom that has been fatal in some instances. It is important to call a pest control professional immediately if you see scorpions.

If you see any of the pests listed above or different pests such as mice, bees or any others in Centennial Hills, call Pest Control Solutions Inc. Ignoring a problem for even a week gives the pest population time to grow larger and become more destructive. We offer preventative services in addition to infestation removal. Please call us for a free estimate.