Commercial Pest Control in Las Vegas & Surrounding Areas

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Every business owner and property manager knows that small problems can quickly put a big dent in the bottom line. At Pest Control Solutions, Inc., we bring more than 25 years of industry experience and innovative techniques to solving problems for commercial clients throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Your Customers Come First

One bad client experience with pests on your commercial property can undo your best financial forecast. A great dinner in your restaurant won't bring customers back if ants or roaches scurry across the floor. Casino and retail parking aren't friendly invitations to come inside when bees swarm or birds foul the area. From bed bugs in guest rooms to roaches ruining kitchen inventory, pests are hard on business and dangerous to your customers.

PCSI Solves Pest Problems

With your first call, our certified technicians perform detailed interior and exterior inspections. We put years of experience to work in your guest rooms, casinos, and retail outlets. Whether you're dealing with fire ants or termites, we design a custom plan for your property and follow up with dependable monthly maintenance. Count on us for discreet service that doesn't disrupt business and scheduling that fits your timetable.

Why We're the Best in Town

At PCSI, we're continually developing new skills and strategies. Our owners are long-standing members of the Nevada Pest Control Association and are deeply involved in the Annual NPCA Pest Expo held in Las Vegas. This important event promotes industry innovations and provides training and education required for active Nevada pest control certification and licensing. We're proud that one of our owners is now in his seventh year as a member of NPCA's governing board.

PCSI enjoys an outstanding reputation with a variety of businesses throughout the area, and we look forward to serving you. Give our friendly PCSI pros a call today for the best customer service in Las Vegas. Let us keep your customers safe from pests and your bottom line secure against future invasions.