Manhattan Beach, CA Pest Control

Manhattan Beach is known for warm and humid weather throughout most of the year, so those who want a place to live that doesn't get cold love this place. It's also a sunny place to take a vacation.

It's not just the people who like Manhattan Beach, though. Plenty of animals and insects make Manhattan Beach their home, and if you own a house or other property in the area, you might find that you have some unwanted visitors in your place from time to time. Check out the common pests in Manhattan Beach and find out how Pest Control Solutions Inc. can help you.

Why Pests Like Manhattan Beach

Because of the mild to warm weather throughout most of the year, some pests love Manhattan Beach. The air can also be very humid, which attracts some types of insects, such as termites. Bed bugs also thrive in hot climates, and we all know that many types of bees stay where it's warm, so Manhattan Beach is an ideal location for them, too.


Termites usually measure less than an inch long, and their bodies can be white to brown in color. The major concern with termites is that they can ruin a building if an infestation is left untreated. Termites feed on wood and other materials that contain cellulose, which can often be your house or furniture. They like dark, moist places that aren't disturbed.


There are many types of bees that live in Manhattan Beach, and their appearance will vary according to the species. In general, though, they'll be black and yellow. Honey bees have some hair on their bodies, and wasps have smooth, long bodies.

Honey bees are actually a great type of bee to have in the area, but a nest in the wrong place can create problems. The honeycomb that honey bees make can cause secondary infestations if it's in the walls. Bumble bees are also considered to be a beneficial insect, but they can sting, so if you have a nest that's too close to your home, you might want to get rid of it.

Different types of bees are attracted to different things. For instance, ground bees are attracted to loose, dry soil. If you're not sure what kind of bees you have, you can have an exterminator come to your house to make the assessment.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are easy to recognize because they love making their homes in your bedding, and you, your family, or your pets will receive bites from them, which will likely itch. They have white to brown bodies, and they turn a rust color after feeding on blood. Some of the most common ways that people pick up bed bugs is by buying second-hand clothing and staying in hostels and hotels.


Some of the most common types of rodents that can become pests in a building are mice and squirrels. Mice, especially, can get into the home through a small hole in the foundation or other part of the house. You'll hear scratching and other sounds of a small animal moving in the walls or attic. You'll also find droppings. These types of animals can chew through your electrical wiring if they're in your walls.


These birds are around a foot long, and their heads are small in comparison to the rest of their bodies. They're usually gray with a colored sheen that you can see in the light. Pigeons in large numbers can be a pest because they can spread diseases. Their droppings also cause damage to houses, trees, and other types of property. Food sources will attract this type of pest.

If you think that you have pests in or around your home, Pest Control Solutions, Inc. can help. We have the experience to get rid of many types of pests. We can provide you with:

  • Green services
  • FHA/VA inspections
  • Pigeon and rodent exclusion
  • Bed bug and bee services
  • Structural reports

If you're having problems with any pests, give Pest Control Solutions, Inc. a call today.