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Effective Pest Management Solutions In Paradise, Nevada

Discovering that pests have infested your Paradise, NV, home is quite a shock. Like many people, your first instinct is probably to take matters into your own hands. Unfortunately, the Las Vegas area is home to particularly wily pests that can't be effectively eradicated through typical DIY measures. Bed bugs, roaches and scorpions, in particular, have an uncanny knack for resisting the efforts of even the most diligent homeowners.

If you want those local pests evicted from your home once and for all, professional intervention is a must. For superior Paradise, NV, pest control services, you can't beat Pest Control Solutions, Inc.

Banish Bed Bugs In Paradise, NV

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don't just seek out unclean homes. In fact, they typically hitch rides into unsuspecting people's homes on their shoes, in their luggage and through other means.

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that need blood to survive and happily feed on slumbering humans, who are usually left with itchy, red, unsightly bite marks. Some folks are even allergic to bed bug bites, and they suffer even more. Bed bugs are capable of destroying sheets and other fabrics as well, so it's crucial to have them eradicated from the premises as quickly as possible. with professional bed bug control services.


Cockroaches In Paradise, NV

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When it comes to roaches, the ick factor alone is enough to want them as far from your home as possible. The bacteria that they carry on their bodies is easily passed along to food, which they seek out persistently.

These wily insects love moist, warm areas, so they are often found in basements. Even if you've only seen one or two roaches in your home, you can be certain that an entire colony is nearby. They reproduce incredibly fast too, so the sooner you contain them, the less of a problem you are likely to have. Reach out today, to get started on our effective cockroach control services.

Scorpions In Paradise, NV

scorpion on a arid boulder

Running across a scorpion in the desert is one thing; finding one in your home is another. These arachnids love dry, hot conditions, so it's little wonder that they're so fond of the Las Vegas region.

By day, these nocturnal creatures slumber in shady, out-of-the-way areas; yard debris, rocks, logs and other clutter are popular hiding places. If you're stung by a scorpion, you may experience pain and burning at the site of the sting. Swelling may also occur.

In severe cases, scorpion stings may cause tingling and numbness of the extremities, blurred vision, erratic eye movements and hyperactivity. In some individuals, including seniors, infants and people with compromised immune systems, scorpion stings may even cause death.

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If your home has been invaded by scorpions, bed bugs, roaches or other pests, don't take it sitting down--and don't waste your time with DIY techniques. Instead, kick those pests to the curb once and for all with help from the skilled professionals of Pest Control Solutions, Inc. Contact us today for a free quote.


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