Pigeon Control in Las Vegas, NV

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Living in Las Vegas, you know how bad pigeon overpopulation can be. These nuisance birds roost on homes and businesses, disrupting daily life and leaving behind unsightly droppings.

Why are Pigeons a Problem?

Pigeon droppings often harbor diseases such as salmonella, encephalitis and toxoplasmosis. While there is little evidence that droppings cause direct infection in humans, people with compromised immune systems may be susceptible, especially in areas with large amounts of contamination.

The biggest problem that pigeon droppings pose for home and business owners is the potential for damage. Acids in the droppings eat away at building surfaces. Excessive accumulation can clog heating and cooling units. Messes from pigeon droppings cost a lot to clean up, which can strain the budgets of both homeowners and cities.

Pigeons are largely city birds, and Las Vegas is an attractive area with its sprawling collection of buildings all boasting prime perching and roosting sites. Any city with a lot of people also means a lot of easily available food, a prospect which is more than attractive to pigeons. In an area with so many pigeon-friendly sites, the only way to keep the population down is with targeted pigeon exclusion methods.

Pigeon Exclusion

Pigeons love roosting on roofs and ledges, so to keep them away it’s necessary to make these areas uninviting. Pigeon exclusion products such as spikes and wood or metal sheathing make it impossible for the birds to land. Bird wire creates unstable surfaces that also act as a deterrent. Stubborn flocks may require low-voltage wires that deliver mild electric shocks to chase the birds away. In general, if you can keep pigeons from roosting, you’ll keep them from nesting and they won’t be able to reproduce and create a vicious cycle of damage.

You can control pigeon populations on your own property by making sure that there are no readily available sources of food or water for the birds. This means sealing all garbage cans well and not putting out bird seed for wild birds. If you seed your lawn at any point, be sure to cover it.

Both home and business owners should avoid “bird gels” which contain chemicals that are harmful to all wildlife. Culling pigeon flocks is also a bad idea. This inhumane practice has been shown to be ineffective since more birds simply come in to replace those that have been killed. Humane trapping and removal services can be employed to transport birds to new locations if necessary.

Don’t let pigeons pester you at home or take over your business property. Call Pest Control Solutions, Inc. for pigeon control that gets rid of the infestation and ensures that the birds don’t come back. You can rely on our expertise to put a stop to pigeon problems for good.