Summerlin, NV Pest Control

Summerlin is one of the most affluent and desirable places to live in the Las Vegas Valley. Residents have lush gardens, pools, fountains, ponds, and plenty of other water sources. It is truly a master-planned oasis in the desert. However, this paradise is also a major attraction to several pests. The dry climate is ideal for survival, and the plentiful water, insects, and greenery of Summerlin make it possible for colonies to survive indefinitely without intervention.


Although there are several species of small ants in Summerlin, most are after food. They can be a nuisance when they have large colonies and find their way into your home. Carpenter ants are also problematic because they destroy wood. They build tunnels and galleries in wood, which develops a bubbled appearance. This can be costly for you as their colonies grow. Fire ants are also a problem. Their stings deliver venom, which can trigger a serious allergic reaction. Also, the stings are painful. Fire ants are vicious and will sting aggressively multiple times.


Bees love the flowers and plants in Summerlin. If you see a lot of bees in your yard, there may be a hive somewhere on your property or on a neighbor's property. These stinging striped pests do not always have beehives in trees. They often build hives behind walls in your home or garage. Also, they may build hives under a deck or porch. If you see a beehive, do not disturb it. Many people are badly stung when trying to do this. Also, poisoning endangered bees is detrimental to the country's food supply since they are vital pollinators. Carpenter bees are also common in the area. They are much larger and are usually buzzing around wood. They can chew holes through wood and cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages.


Most types of scorpions in the area are not of medical significance but do deliver painful stings. The bark scorpion is becoming a problem in the area. Although it is not native to Nevada, it was introduced into Las Vegas when landscaping palms and plants were transported here. Bark scorpions multiply fast and prefer to live in trees. There may be hundreds of them in a single palm tree. They can climb easily. These pests enter your home in search of prey insects and can squeeze through windows, doors, and spaces around pipes. Bark scorpions often hide on clothing or in shoes since they like shade. Most people who are stung do not see these pests. Bark scorpion stings are painful and can cause adverse reactions. In some cases, stings have been fatal. Seek medical help immediately if you are stung by a scorpion.

If you see any of the pests mentioned previously or other types of pests such as wasps, roaches or another invader in Summerlin, contact Pest Control Solutions Inc. Our services are prompt and effective. With our many years of experience, we know how to handle any size and type of pest problem. In addition to offering infestation removal, we provide preventative treatments. Regular treatments keep costly pests from invading your property and save you a great deal of money. To learn more or for a free estimate on our services, please call us today.