Pest Control Sun City Anthem, NV

scorpionFor discerning homeowners, Sun City Anthem offers a lifestyle that is full of both amenities and community connections for active adults. While this area is near downtown Las Vegas, the feel is entirely different. Sun City Anthem is nestled in the foothills above the city, with both stunning scenery and cooler temperatures year round. Whether you come for the golf courses, the community or the views, Sun City Anthem is a perfect place to call home. Still, you're not the only one that finds this area inviting. You are also likely to notice at least the occasional unwanted visitor, especially in areas where warm weather is the norm, and it's important that you address common pests before they get out of hand.


With more than 20 species commonly found in the area, it's no surprise that the majority of pest control calls in Nevada deal with ants. If you think you don't have ants on your property, you are either in the minority or aren't paying attention. Ants aren't only found in your yard but can also infest your home, so it's important that you work with a qualified professional to eradicate these pests. Of course, you should do what you can to make your space less hospitable to ant infestations. For example, sugary substances and freely available food sources attract ants, so eliminate these whenever possible. You will also want to keep your home as airtight as you can so that it's harder for ants to find easy routes in and out of your house. However, you will probably need more help to address the root of an ant problem adequately. Colonies are notoriously resilient, and it can be difficult to know when you have done enough, so it's worth it to hire an expert.


While areas that are a bit colder rarely see this dangerous and elusive pest, scorpions are quite common in desert climates and can be deadly if provoked to a sting. Scorpions eat other insects, and a comprehensive pest control strategy will lower the incidence of scorpions on your property. On your own, you can eliminate this pest's source of food, but they are more dependent on water, so correcting plumbing leaks or standing water will discourage scorpions from moving in. If you do see one of these alarming arachnids, take it seriously. Again, professional intervention is well worth your peace of mind.


Nobody wants to think about the possibility that they have roaches for roommates. Roaches are notoriously unsanitary bugs that spread potentially harmful bacteria wherever their skittering feet touch and many people are also allergic to the debris they leave in their wake. In addition, roaches can move through tiny spaces and are adept at hiding from your view, so any sign of this insect is reason enough to develop an aggressive plan of action with a qualified pest control specialist. Roaches are also resistant to some pesticides, making them extremely difficult to eliminate, so seek help to ensure that the problem goes away for good.

Pest Control Solutions, Inc. has a firm understanding of the many different types of pests that affect areas with mild climates like Sun City Anthem, Nevada and can solve all your pest problems. Call us today for a free quote on a wide variety of services including ant, roach and scorpion control.