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Ant Control in Las Vegas & North Las Vegas

Ants are tiny pests that can be difficult to detect in your home. These small insects typically group and form colonies. Ant species share common physical traits, including three distinct body regions and a pair of antennae. Once inside your home, these pests can be difficult to eradicate and may harm your home and your family.

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Entering Your Garden & Home

Ants are always on the prowl for new sources of food. They can find plenty of organic material to dine on in your yard. Your kitchen may also provide some tempting meals, from leftover food scraps to fresh fruit sitting on your counter. Due to the tiny size of most ant species, they have little trouble fitting through tiny cracks in your window seals. Ants leave a scent trail as they explore, beckoning more ants to follow.

Effects On Home & Health

Some species of ants can cause harm to humans. For example, fire ants can sting anyone who gets too close to them or their mound. Mild reactions to these stings include pain and swelling. Severe reactions may include nausea, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. In these extreme cases, the victim should immediately seek medical treatment.

Other species of ants can cause damage to the structure of your home. Carpenter ants, for example, chew through the wood grain in your home's structural supports. Typically, these ants seek to live in dark and damp areas of your home, especially the areas near your home's plumbing. If these pests are left unchecked, the ants will become increasingly difficult and expensive to remove.

Eliminating Ant Colonies

If you have an entire ant colony living in your home, setting traps may help you reduce the colony's population; however, eliminating an entire colony is a challenging feat on your own. Hiring a professional company is an effective way to deal with a persistent ant problem. If you need help dealing with ants, contact Pest Control Solutions, Inc. for assistance.


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