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Bee Control In Las Vegas

Bees are small winged insects that often live in colonies. Although there are thousands of bee species, most bees have similar physical characteristics, such as stripes on their bodies and venomous stingers. Although bees offer a number of benefits to your garden, they can also cause physical harm to your family and your home.

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How Bees Get Into Your Las Vegas Yard

Bees feed on pollen and are naturally attracted to the flowers, plants, and trees in your yard. If you're trying to grow a garden, bees will help pollinate your plants and ensure that your fruits and vegetables grow properly. However, if your yard is too tempting, you may notice that your yard is overrun with bees. In addition, bees can sometimes accidentally enter your home through an open door or window.

Health Risks

If a bee perceives you as a threat to itself or its colony, it may attack you with its stinger. In most cases, the venom contained in a single sting isn't strong enough to threaten a human. You may experience some minor pain that will disappear within a couple of hours. Some individuals experience a much stronger reaction that includes swelling and redness. These symptoms may linger for more than a week.

If you are allergic to the venom from a bee sting, you could experience a more severe reaction. Your body will quickly go into shock and your airways may begin to narrow. In these extreme cases, you must seek emergency medical attention.

Structural Risks

Bees sometimes construct their hives on the outside walls of your home or garage. Although most species of bees will not directly harm your building, the honey from the hive may cause minor damage. In addition, beehives sometimes attract other pests that may damage your home.

Contact Professional Help

Large bee colonies in or near your home can become a serious problem that requires more effort and work than the average homeowner can handle. If you suspect that you have a bee infestation, contact Pest Control Solutions, Inc. for help immediately.


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