Don’t Let Filthy Cockroaches Into Your Las Vegas Home

Several species of cockroaches commonly invade Las Vegas area homes, but they all have one thing in common: They are dirty pests that can make your family sick. If you see one cockroach in your house, likely, others are already inside, hiding under sinks or behind appliances. Having a professional pest control company take care of the problem for you is the most effective way to ensure full elimination. Pest Control Solutions, Inc. can help with our cockroach control services.

By the time you spot a single roach running across your kitchen floor, many more could be hiding in nooks and crannies all around your home. While not every sighting means a full-blown infestation, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to take a closer look at your home pest control plan. Learning the facts below can help you decide when to call in the professionals


   Our Cockroach Control Offerings

  • Free Inspection

    Your cockroach control begins with a free inspection. This inspection allows us to identify the species of cockroach that is in your home, as well as determine how widespread the infestation has become.

  • Treatment

    Depending on the type of cockroach in your house, we offer two methods of treatment. For American, Oriental, and brown-banded cockroaches, we provide a general treatment to the interior and exterior of your house. We’ll treat the entire exterior perimeter. Inside, we’ll treat all wet areas, bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and areas where water lines enter the home.

    If you have a German cockroach infestation, we’ll perform a roach clean-out service. This service involves fogging the entire home and includes a seven-day follow-up.

  • Warranty

    Our cockroach control service comes with a 30-day warranty.

   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do cockroaches end up in my home?

    Roaches are especially fond of homes with easily accessible food sources. Even if your house is always clean, it can still be the target of a new infestation. Because of their small size, roaches are able to get through the tiniest of places, including cracks, spaces around doors and windows, pipes, and holes in walls. You might even unintentionally bring a few home in your luggage, picnic basket, or grocery bags.

  • Why are cockroaches a problem?

    Roaches carry bacteria on their bodies and spread it throughout your home and putting your family at risk for health problems and allergies. Any food that’s left out or not tightly covered can also be at risk for contamination. Besides being a health hazard, roaches start reproducing almost as soon as they settle into a new home. Without intervention, a small colony can quickly grow to an unmanageable size.

  • How do I check for cockroaches?

    Roaches look for well-hidden spaces with plenty of warmth and moisture. Refrigerators, appliances, electronics, sinks, basements, and attics are common hiding spots for all types of household roaches, but they can settle practically anywhere it’s dark and damp.

  • What should I do if I have a roach problem?

    The faster you act, the quicker you can get back to living in a pest-free home. Since household poisons don’t guarantee results and can contain toxic ingredients, the best way to get rid of roaches safely is to work with a professional pest management team.

If you suspect that you have a roach infestation, contact Pest Control Solutions, Inc. for professional help.

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