Henderson Pest Control: Protection From Scorpions, Ants and Bed Bugs

Henderson, Nevada, is a thriving community with many recreational, educational and employment opportunities. It's a wonderful place to live and work, but its hot desert climate is attractive to some unpleasant creatures that often take up residence in area homes and businesses. Here at Pest Control Solutions, Inc., we understand the problems that nuisance insects create in Henderson, and these are a few of the pests that we are commonly called upon to eradicate.


The sight of a scorpion with its pincers raised and its tail stinger held high is enough to inspire fear in most people, and you definitely don't want these venomous creatures in your living or working space. While scorpions are desert creatures, they still require a regular source of body moisture. This encourages them to invade homes in search of leaky pipes or faucets, and they are capable of squeezing in through the smallest cracks around your windows and doors.

A sting from a scorpion is painful, and it delivers a nasty dose of neurotoxins into your body. This may leave you with a burning sensation, numbness in your hands and feet, extreme hyperactivity and blurred vision. Because sensitive individuals can die from a scorpion's sting, it's important to seek medical attention if you're stung.


Nevada has no shortage of ants, and you may find yourself plagued by several different species. The Argentine ant is the most common type in this area, and these ants work together in massive colonies that contain hundreds of queens and thousands of workers that will invade your home in search of food.

Fire ants are another big problem, and they often construct huge mounds around Henderson homes. These ants are a danger because they are extremely aggressive and can work together to deliver hundreds of painful stings in a single attack. These stings can cause shortness of breath, dizziness and even death.

Other nuisance ants in the area include pavement ants, tree ants, harvester ants and carpenter ants.

Bed Bugs

These nasty insects are hard to notice thanks to their tiny size and their habit of hiding away during the day, but an infestation can take over every soft fabric within your home very quickly. It's an unpleasant thought that your bed and your child's stuffed toys may be covered in bugs, and they creep out at night to feast on the blood of your family.

Bites from bed bugs may cover your entire body, and the constant scratching can lead to a serious skin infection. These bugs may also aggravate asthma and other breathing issues and cause allergic reactions.

Quality Pest Control in Henderson

Here at Pest Control Solutions, Inc., our professional technicians have been carefully trained to eliminate each of these pests. Give us a call at 888-600-1691, and we'll provide you with a free quote for your pest-control issue.