Las Vegas, NV Pest Control

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a dream destination for people from around the world who want to see shows, stay at amazing hotels and more. The warm and dry weather of Las Vegas makes it the perfect home for bees and a variety of ants. But the number of travelers who come and go on a consistent basis results in bedbug infestations that can quickly get out of control. Those who live and work in the area often look for new ways to keep pests away so that they won't need to worry about them. The most important things that you can do involve educating yourself on the common pests that you will find and uncovering ways to discourage them from invading.


In your quest to learn about common pests and the steps that you can take to avoid them, taking a look at ants is a good starting point. House ants will send scouts to locate food for the colony, and the scout will alert the others when it finds a plentiful supply of nutrients. You can keep food in sealable containers and clean spills promptly if your objective is to avoid an invasion. Some people use a mixture of water and vinegar to get rid of ants and similar pests, and you can do the same. You will need to keep in mind that the approach won't always work as quickly as you might like, but you can try adding different amounts of vinegar to the water to get even better results.


In most cases, bees prefer to build their nests in places that are away from large crowds of people, but they will build nests on the sides of buildings on occasion. Although most bees are not aggressive, they will attack when they feel threatened. If a bee nest is near your home or place of business, these stinging insects can become agitated and decide to strike. If you are looking for an easy way to repel them, you can fill a brown paper bag with air and hang it on a tree or post. The bees will mistake the bag for a wasp nest and avoid the area.


Most people don't know that they are facing a bedbug problem until it's too late. These tiny parasites are good at avoiding detection and will come out at night to feed on a human host. You will likely notice red bite marks the next morning, but not everyone shows the symptoms. Even though placing small traps on the legs of your bed can help, it won't always be enough to stop them from getting to you.

Pest Control Solutions Inc.

No matter what type of pests you are trying to manage, you don't have to let them control your property. Because at-home methods can only do so much on their own, you will sometimes require the help of a professional. When the need arises, contact the friendly team at Pest Control Solutions, and they will be glad to get the job done right the first time. Because of their training and experience, bees, ants and bedbugs won't stand a chance, and you will know that you are in good hands. Some people wait until the last minute to call for help, but doing so gives the pests time to spread and multiply. If you don't want to take any unneeded risks, get started right away.