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Known for its world-class casinos and endless entertainment, Las Vegas remains one of the most exciting cities in the country. Residents love being so close to the action. There’s always something to do. The area’s warm climate is another big attraction. Unfortunately, pests are also drawn to the nice weather. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most notorious pests in Las Vegas.


Bees are an important part of the ecosystem. However, allowing bees to live near your home is not a good idea. While the pain from a bee sting typically subsides in a few hours, some people are allergic to the venom. It can trigger a severe reaction called anaphylaxis, which requires immediate emergency care. You definitely don’t want to put your family at risk.

Bed Bugs

Unlike some other pests, bed bugs prefer the comfort of your home. While you’re sleeping at night, these insects will crawl out of their hiding places. They quietly feed on your blood. Afterward, you’re left with itchy bites. Although bed bugs aren’t venomous, they are especially problematic for asthma and allergy sufferers. Ever worse, bed bugs are hard to evict from your home. Shockingly, many people unknowingly bring home bed bugs from another location such as a hotel or a neighbor’s house.


Understandably, rodents horrify many Las Vegas residents. Rats and mice are some of the most unsanitary creatures in existence. They create incredibly unhealthy living conditions with their putrid droppings. From your bedroom to the kitchen, mice can taint your entire home. Everyone in your family is at risk of getting sick. While rodents are known for carrying several different diseases, salmonellosis is especially common. It’s caused by eating food that has been contaminated by rodent feces. Extreme fatigue, nausea, and diarrhea are just a few of the symptoms. Rodents can also cause property damage and create a fire hazard by gnawing through electrical wires. Because rodents are so flexible, they have no trouble invading unsealed dwellings.


Roaches have been around for centuries. They’ve always caused problems for Las Vegas homeowners. When roaches get inside your home, you’ll certainly need the help of an experienced exterminator.

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