Los Angeles, CA Pest Control

Los Angeles is known for its warm weather, sunny skies and humid air, so those who prefer to stay away from cold and snow feel right at home when they visit or move to this city. Because it’s a big city with a lot to offer, Los Angeles attracts tons of tourists each year.

The people, though, are not the only ones who enjoy the nice weather. A range of pests will get into your home or place of business to make trouble if you don't do something to stop them, and the situation can quickly get out of hand. Learn about Pest Control Solutions Inc. and what they can do for you if you have a pest problem you would like to contain. Our team is happy to help in any way they can, and we strive to give each client amazing results.

Residential Pest Control

If termites, bees, bed bugs, rodents or other pests have gotten into your home to cause problems, you are likely wondering where you should turn for help and support. Pests that make their way into your home can taint your food and cause many issues you will want to avoid. Some of them can spread harmful pathogens, but others will damage your property before you know it.

Don't let pests take over your home when they invite themselves inside. You can contact our team for residential pest control services on which you can depend, and you will be glad you did when you see us in action. Dedicated to meeting your needs at each step, we will find and remove the pests that have overstayed their welcome.

Commercial Pest Control

Dealing with a pest outbreak when you run or manage a business is not always simple or easy. Business owners have a lot at risk when pests enter their establishments, and one bad review is all that it takes to destroy your reputation. The health department could even shut you down if it discovers the pest problem with which you are dealing, and you must avoid that roadblock.

At Pest Control Solutions Inc., we know how important it is for you to maintain a positive reputation with your customers, and we are here to give you a hand with commercial pest control services in Los Angeles. Whether you are facing rodents, bed bugs, bees or something else, we can get the job done and provide you with peace of mind.

Our Focus

Our Los Angeles office will focus on the following residential and commercial services:

Termite Services

  • FHA/VA Inspections
  • Same Day Reports
  • Structural Reports
  • Customized Treatments
  • Green Services

Pest Services

Why You Should Choose Us

Since many pest control companies are in the area, you could be asking yourself why you should enlist us. Our inspections and treatments are certified by the Federal Housing Administration, but that's only the beginning. We provide prompt, same-day reports that highlight the pests we have contained and future steps you can take to protect yourself.

Some people think that a general approach to pest control can work, but it won't give you the best possible results. We focus on offering unique strategies and treatment options that meet the needs of each client who comes to us. Each pest infestation has its own set of challenges, and we are ready to solve the problem in a way that makes sense for you.

Getting Started

When pests strike, taking fast action is essential if you don't want the problem to progress. Without wasting time, reach out to the passionate experts at Pest Control Solutions Inc., and we won’t let you down. Whether you own a home or run a business, we will contain the threat and let you reclaim your property. If you have a pest problem and don't know where to turn, pick up your phone and contact us today.

California Office:

552 E. Carson Street, Suite 104

Carson, CA. 90745

Phone #: (424) 358-1109