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Lake Las Vegas is a calm, lakeside neighborhood located in Clark County, Nevada. Our area boasts of gorgeous natural scenery and our community is filled with hard-working people and a family-friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately, our area is also home to a wide variety of pests that have no issues getting into homes and businesses as they forage for sources of food, water, and shelter.

To prevent pests from invading your Lake Las Vegas property and taking away your peace of mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pest Control Solutions. We are committed to providing proactive, solution-oriented pest control services for both homeowners and business owners. With over 25 years of combined pest control experience and a focus on the satisfaction of our customers, Pest Control Solutions provides the most effective and reliable pest control services available. Don’t wait for pests to cause problems in your home or business. Instead, give a call to Pest Control Solutions for excellent residential and commercial pest control services that get the job done right.

Residential Pest Control In Lake Las Vegas, Nevada

Pests of all shapes and sizes can invade your Lake Las Vegas home in a moment’s notice, which is why complete pest protection is critical. The most effective way to protect your home and family from the area’s toughest pests is by putting into place a year-round home pest control plan from Pest Control Solutions.

We are proud to provide customizable service plans designed to meet the specific needs of your home, family, and pest situation. Our goal is to provide ongoing pest management services to eliminate existing pest threats and prevent new pests from taking over your property in the future. We are dedicated to ensuring your Lake Las Vegas home is protected from pests throughout every season. Contact the professionals here at Pest Control Solutions to learn more about all of our residential pest control services or to schedule your free inspection.

Can Cockroach Infestations Be Prevented In Lake Las Vegas, Nevada?

a cockroach crawling in lake las vegas

Cockroaches are adaptable pests that can survive in a wide range of environments. These filthy insects typically invade Lake Las Vegas properties seeking food, warmth, and moisture. To avoid attracting cockroaches to your home or business, implement the following cockroach prevention tips:

  • Pick up uneaten pet food and place leftovers in airtight containers.
  • Clean crumbs off of your counters and out from under heavy appliances.
  • Keep your garbage cans sealed.
  • Seal cracks and crevices around the exterior of your property.
  • Minimize sources of excess moisture.

Although prevention tips are helpful, they're not fail-proof. If cockroaches are living in or around your Lake Las Vegas property, you need professional cockroach control services from Pest Control Solutions. Give us a call today to get started!

Four Bed Bug Facts Everyone In Lake Las Vegas, Nevada Should Know

a bed bug crawling on bedding in lake las vegas nevada

Bed bugs are hardy insects that feed primarily on human blood. These small, hitchhiking pests travel from one property to the next by hitching rides on the bags, clothes, and belongings of unknowing individuals. When it comes to dealing with bed bugs in your Lake Las Vegas property, here’s what you should know:

  • Bed bugs are experts at hiding. These tiny pests aren’t just found around beds; they can also hide inside electrical outlets, behind wallpaper, in carpet fibers, under floorboards, and inside furniture.
  • Bed bugs bite in a specific pattern. Unlike other biting insects, which bite in random areas across your skin, bed bugs bite in a pattern of clusters or rows.
  • Bed bug infestations are difficult to identify. Bed bugs are nocturnal and prefer to hide during the hours that we are awake. This is why many bed bug infestations are only discovered after they have become severe.
  • Bed bugs can live between 20 and 400 days without a blood meal, which is why attempting to starve bed bugs by closing off the room they are in is usually unsuccessful.

The most effective way to remove a bed bug infestation from your property is with help from the professionals at Pest Control Solutions. Learn more about our bed bug control options by giving us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Commercial Pest Control In Lake Las Vegas, Nevada

As a business owner, you understand that a small problem can quickly become a major issue. The quality of your products and services won’t matter if invading pests disturb your customers. No matter what your Lake Las Vegas business is, no one will want to enter your commercial facility if they know they’ll find rodents, insects, and other pests living inside.

If you need help with a pest infestation, the professionals here at Pest Control Solutions have you covered. With over 25 years of combined experience within the pest control industry, you can trust us to provide excellent commercial pest management services year-round. At Pest Control Solutions, we understand that no two businesses are alike, which is why we tailor our plans to fit the individual needs of your Lake Las Vegas business. Get rid of pigeons, bed bugs, cockroaches, and more when you partner with our licensed pest technicians to implement a year-round commercial pest control program. Reach out to Pest Control Solutions today for more information about our customized commercial pest control options.

How To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Lake Las Vegas Property

If you have pigeons that are loitering around your property, they may have the ability to spread health issues like histoplasmosis and cause property damage like fires and corrosion. They can also make you uncomfortable with their constant cooing and presence alone. The best way to avoid these problems is with pigeon control in Lake Las Vegas from Pest Control Solutions Inc. We begin by inspecting your entire property to determine where pigeons are roosting and building their nests.

Once we have this information, we’ll create a unique treatment plan for you to keep pigeons away without fail. We combine safe methods and products such as UV deterrents, solar panel exclusion work, solar mesh, and critter guards. In order to keep pigeons away without interruptions, our service professionals will monitor the results very closely and make any necessary adjustments. For more information on Lake Las Vegas pigeon control and a free estimate, call us today.

Why Are Scorpions In Lake Las Vegas Dangerous?

Luckily for Lake Las Vegas residents, most of the scorpions they’ll encounter are not a serious threat. The emperor scorpion and the desert hairy scorpion are two common species that might deliver painful bites, but they are not a serious threat. There is, however, the striped bark scorpion, which can be very dangerous. They are usually a light tan color and live under rock piles or in the brush. The striped bark scorpion is also nocturnal, so residents should proceed cautiously. They can deliver a venomous sting if they feel threatened or provoked.

To protect yourself from all scorpions, Pest Control Solutions Inc. is here to help. Our scorpion control in Lake Las Vegas is designed to provide lasting relief from these regional pests. We customize your treatment plan and use a multi-faceted approach to guarantee a scorpion-free home. For more information on our scorpion control services in Lake Las Vegas, please call us today.

All The Ways You Attract Mosquitoes In Lake Las Vegas

Living in Lake Las Vegas means having to deal with mosquitoes each year. There are ways, however, that you might be attracting these pests unbeknownst to you. One of the most common ways that people end up with mosquito populations on their property is by having areas of stagnant water. This might look like bird baths that you don’t turn over routinely or allowing puddles to collect in buckets or other items that you store outside. In addition to having a surplus of moisture, mosquitoes are also attracted to yards filled with debris. Allowing leaves, twigs, and landscaping clippings to collect around your yard will give mosquitoes ample places to lay their eggs.

Another way you attract mosquitoes to your property is by simply being you. They need human blood to lay their eggs, and things like your blood type and the time of day can attract them to you. If you use perfume or scented laundry detergent and wear bright colors or sweat, you may attract mosquitoes further. For more information on mosquito control, call Pest Control Solutions Inc. today.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rodents Around Your Lake Las Vegas Home

If rodents are loitering around your Lake Las Vegas home, then the wisest call you can make is to a pest professional. At Pest Control Solutions Inc., we have over 25 years of experience providing rodent control. Countless customers have put their trust in us because we customize our services to meet their needs and guarantee the results 100%.

When dealing with rodents, we start by having one of our highly skilled service professionals inspect your entire property. This allows us to identify points of entry as well as any factors that could be contributing to rodent attraction. We look at crawl spaces, doors, roofs, and attics. During the treatment process, we set up traps and baits, coupled with the installation of exclusion. This step helps us to keep future rodents from getting into your home. We will also provide sanitation services if they’re needed around insulation and other places. For more information on rodent control in Lake Las Vegas and a free inspection, call us today.

What You Ought To Know About Flies In Lake Las Vegas

Flies are nuisance pests that commonly invade homes and businesses in Lake Las Vegas. Although these insects might not look like much of a threat, they can cause serious problems when they get into your property.

One of the biggest problems flies cause is the spread of harmful bacteria that can make your family sick. Flies feed on many unsanitary materials, including feces, garbage, and decaying organic material. Unfortunately, these filthy feeding habits cause flies to pick up bacteria on their legs and bodies, then spread into the Lake Las Vegas homes they invade.

The most effective solution to keep flies away from your home is to partner with Pest Control Solutions for year-round pest protection. Contact us today to get started.

Getting Rid Of Beetles Fast In Lake Las Vegas

Out of the wide variety of insects living throughout Lake Las Vegas, beetles are at the top of the list when it comes to common pests found in and around residential properties. In general, beetles are nuisance pests that are challenging to control. However, if they decide to move into your home in large numbers and lay their eggs in your food products, these pests can become quite damaging. Beetles may enter Lake Las Vegas homes to avoid unfavorable outdoor weather conditions, or you might mistakenly bring them indoors on potted plants or contaminated food items from the store.

Getting rid of beetles is a challenging task to accomplish by yourself, which is why professional services from Pest Control Solutions are your best bet. We’ve been solving beetle problems and other pest infestations for over 25 years, which means you can rest easy knowing we’ll cover all your pest management needs. Reach out to us today to find out what treatment plan is right for your home!

The Secret To Getting Rid Of Centipedes In Lake Las Vegas Homes

Centipedes in Lake Las Vegas are certainly a frightening sight to see in your basement or crawling across your kitchen floor. These common house pests are known for their long, slender bodies and dozens of legs. Getting rid of centipedes starts with implementing a few measures to prevent them from invading your property in the first place, such as:

  • Centipedes love to hide in dark, cool locations. Remove large stones, grass clippings, and other foliage that may provide hiding spots for centipedes.
  • Like many pests, centipedes like moisture. Minimize sources of excess water in your home by repairing leaky pipes, installing dehumidifiers, and keeping your bathrooms well-ventilated.
  • Centipedes require an entry point to invade residential properties. Seal gaps and crevices in your exterior walls and install a door sweep to keep centipedes out of your home.

Unfortunately, prevention tips aren’t a long-term solution. The best way to eliminate centipedes is with control services from Pest Control Solutions. Our skilled technicians know how to get rid of centipedes and defend your home from future infestations. Contact Pest Control Solutions today to ask about all our effective pest control options.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Stinging Insects Nest On Your Lake Las Vegas Property

Have you ever started mowing your lawn only to have the frightening thought of running over a wasp nest enter your mind? Many stinging insects in Lake Las Vegas build their nests on the ground or within the eaves of homes.

Whether you’re afraid of wasps or want a beehive relocated off your Lake Las Vegas property, you shouldn’t try to remove stinging insect nests on your own. Some species of stinging social insects will attack in large numbers if they think you’re a threat to their nest, leaving you covered with dozens of painful stings. In addition, some individuals are allergic to stinging insect venom, which can be potentially life-threatening due to anaphylactic shock.

The safest and most effective way to get rid of stinging insects is with a little help from our licensed professionals at Pest Control Solutions. We provide excellent stinging insect control services to remove many bees and other stinging insects from your property and ensure they never return.

Give us a call today to learn more about all of our pest control solutions, or request an inspection!

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