How Wasps In Las Vegas Could Be More Dangerous Than You Think

June 10, 2021

Wasps are generally categorized as being either solitary or social, which reside in large colonies. The golden paper wasp is among the most prevalent, and known for building hanging nests constructed of a “paper-like” material. Another common wasp is the bald-faced hornet or yellowjacket, which tends to be aggressive. The cicada hawk or cicada killer is a larger solitary type of wasp aptly named for its primary prey. Wasps do serve as a benefit to the environment by reducing the population of many unwanted insects. 

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What Risks Do Wasps Pose?

Wasps will attack when they feel threatened, and can use their painful stinger multiple times and may attack in packs. The majority of those who are stung by wasps experience moderate swelling and skin irritation, but those with allergies may require medical attention. The cow killer ant wasp is among the most potent, and can kill cattle. Always use caution when approaching a suspected wasp nest. 

Tips For Preventing Them

  • Inspect the exterior of the property for any cavities near the foundation of the structure, or other crevices along surfaces that could house a wasp nest.

  • Fill in any holes in the ground that have developed to prevent solitary wasps from making that space into a home.

  • Limiting potential food sources is critical, particularly those that are sugary or high in protein. Therefore, keep food and beverages covered whenever possible during barbeques or picnics.

  • Ensure that exterior trash cans have tightly fitting lids that will prevent entry.

Should I Seek Assistance From A Pest Extermination Professional?

Did you know that thousands of people arrive in U.S. emergency rooms each year after being stung by types of wasps, and other stinging insects? Unfortunately, many property owners make the mistake of taking matters into their own hands when they notice a nest located on the premises. Many of these individuals purchase do-it-yourself treatment options that are sold in local stores and by online retailers. 
Some of these common mass-marketed pest control products include aerosol sprays and traps that are often promoted using exaggerated claims of being a quick and easy solution. In reality, most of these options are insufficient to thoroughly eliminate serious pest-related problems, and may contain harsh chemicals that may be harmful to humans and the local environment. The best course of action is to promptly consult with a professional provider of pest control services in Las Vegas.

Licensed Pest Management Company In Las Vegas

Pest Control Solutions, Inc. is a family-owned organization consisting of trained experts that safely and effectively assist residential and commercial customers in this region. In addition to stinging insects, our seasoned technicians will also eradicate problems with cockroaches, bed bugs, pigeons, and a host of other bothersome and potentially harmful pests that invade Las Vegas properties. Part of our sustainable success is attributed to our commitment to provide industry-leading customer service, and standing behind the quality of our work with a pest-free guarantee that ensures satisfaction. 
Our team now uses many of the latest products and treatment methods available in the market, which include many of those recommended by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), and other agencies that assess best practices. We look forward to speaking with you today to schedule an onsite inspection and estimate regarding our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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