Silverado Ranch, NV Pest Control Services

Thanks to its location in southern Nevada, Silverado Ranch frequently experiences hot weather. Nearby tourist destinations and large cities ensure that people often travel through the area. Although these attributes keep heating bills low and provide plenty of employment, they also create serious pest problems. Many invasive species have reached Silverado Ranch, and creatures ranging from mice to bedbugs infest local homes. Three of the most common pests include ants, bees and scorpions.

Ant Control

The ant remains southern Nevada's top pest. This six-legged bug comes in over a dozen varieties; each species prefers different kinds of food and shelter. Ants frequently invade homes after they find tiny gaps in construction materials. They also crawl under doors and enter buildings when people bring infested plants inside. These pests reproduce quite rapidly; some colonies contain as many as 500,000 insects.

Ants can cause a wide range of problems. They damage wooden structures, steal food from kitchens and inflict painful bites or stings. Fire ant invasions are especially hazardous. Some people suffer allergic reactions after this aggressive insect stings them. When you need to eradicate these pests, be sure to call a licensed ant control expert. It's usually ineffective to kill a few insects at a time. The nest and queen must be eliminated before an infestation will come to an end.

Bee & Wasp Control

While some ants can deliver powerful stings, they normally don't present a life-threatening danger. Sadly, we can't say the same for Africanized honey bees. These winged insects have become a major problem in southern Nevada. Their activity increases when temperatures rise during the summer. Although it's rare for more than a few bees to enter an occupied home, they often build outdoor nests that bring them into conflict with humans.

Bees play a crucial positive role in the ecosystem. Nonetheless, it's easy for people to accidentally disturb nests that they construct on or near buildings. Any type of bee will attack humans when this occurs. However, the Africanized honey bee behaves far more aggressively. Swarms repeatedly sting as they pursue victims over distances as long as 1,300 feet. Attempting to remove a nest is an exceptionally dangerous task. It's vital to contact a bee control professional with the appropriate expertise and safety gear.

Scorpion Control

Thankfully, scorpions don't form huge colonies or attack in large numbers. No Nevadans have died from scorpion stings, but they can cause serious medical problems. Silverado Ranch is home to a variety of species, including the dangerous Arizona bark scorpion. These venomous and sometimes cannibalistic arachnids have long tails and eight legs. They often enter homes through small holes. Scorpions also infest numerous palm trees in southern Nevada.

This pest will sting your hand if you inadvertently touch it. A scorpion might hide in an empty glove or sneaker, increasing the risk of accidental contact. Stings may trigger breathing problems, nausea or vomiting. Parts of your body could also feel numb for a time. Seniors and small children often suffer the worst effects. If these fearsome arachnids infest your home, it's crucial to protect your health by calling a scorpion control company as soon as possible.

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