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Effective Pest Management Solutions In Desert Shores, NV

An upscale residential and resort community in Las Vegas, Nevada, Desert Shores surrounds Lake Jacqueline and can feel like a little oasis in the desert. But even affluent neighborhoods can fall victim to pest problems, and the urban sprawl of Vegas means that pests can truly thrive here. In order to avoid infestations in your home or business, you really need to worry about pests long before they are threatening your property. Learn how you can do this, with the help of experts, by contacting Pest Control Solutions today.

Residential Pest Control IN Desert Shores, NV

One thing that prevents people from contacting pest experts is the thought that they are overcharging for treatments that you can simply use yourself if you just buy the right product and put in a little elbow grease and hard work. But the reality is that DIY methods don’t fully eradicate a pest problem.

Only experts know how to root out the entire population and, more importantly, account for the factors that will attract future pest infestations. But even knowing why you should go with the pros doesn’t alleviate the stress of finding the right company for your home and budget. For the best value on effective treatment and good customer service, you should trust Pest Control Solutions.

Here are some of the reasons why our services are worth your hard-earned dollars:

  • Exterior & Interior Treatments: Some pest companies won’t even go inside your home, but infestations don’t just stick to exterior walls. We inspect your entire property and tailor the right treatment to all the places you need it.
  • Comprehensive Treatments: Not only do we treat your entire property, but our treatments also aim to protect you against a wide range of common pests.
  • Additional Services: If there’s a particular issue that’s not covered in general treatment plans, we can still help. From specialty pest products to green solutions, we offer additional services to anyone who needs them.

For proper residential pest control, contact Pest Control Solutions today.

Desert Shores Homeowners’ Practical Guide To Ant Prevention

carpenter ants crawling on the ground

Probably one of the most common types of invasive pest in the world, ants have been finding ways inside our properties for thousands of years. They are small, so they can take advantage of truly tiny openings in order to gain access to your home. They are also attracted by food and moisture, which are found in literally every home.

The following are important steps in reducing these attractions:

  • Food Storage: Ants can detect traces of food from far away thanks to their sensitive antennae, which means food needs to be stored securely and messes need to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Trash Storage: Of course, ants don’t care if food is “clean” or not, they’ll root around in the trash if they can access it. This is why properly lidded bins are important.
  • Treatments: The most comprehensive and guaranteed way to make sure ants don’t hit your Desert Shores home is with professional ant treatments.

Contact Pest Control Solutions today to learn how we can get started.

What To Do About Bed Bugs In Your Desert Shores Home

bed bug

Bed bugs are one of those pests that people tend to assume aren’t going to be a problem for them. But just because you keep a clean home or inspect your bedding regularly doesn’t mean you’re not still at risk. Bed bugs are parasites that are attracted by human activity. That means every home and business can potentially wind up with an infestation. They also don’t just infest your mattress or box spring. In truth, bed bugs will nest in a wide range of common household items, from clothing to furniture and even various containers. Further complicating matters, bed bugs are hitchhikers. They cling to our belongings to be carried into our homes without us even knowing. Before long, they feed and lay eggs, and then you’ve got a full-blown infestation on your hands. All of this highlights why professional bed bug control is so important. If you notice signs of bed bugs, turn to Pest Control Solutions right away so we can eliminate the entire population.

Commercial Pest Control IN Desert Shores, NV

Trying to find the right pest control partner for your business can be a headache and a half. Some places try to bundle all their services to force you to pay an arm and a leg, others are so slammed with appointments that they can’t get to your property in a timely manner.

But with Pest Control Solutions, you know you can rely on us and here's why:

  • Customized Plans: We don’t bundle our services because not everyone needs the same pest control solutions. We customize your treatment to your business, so you only pay for what you actually need.
  • Full-Service Treatments: On the opposite end of the spectrum, we can also offer comprehensive treatments that account for all the kinds of pests that might threaten your business, if that’s what you need. Our full-service options include recurring treatments that protect you year-round.
  • Pest-Free Guarantee: We’re so confident in our services that we promise up-front to re-treat your property if a problem returns between our regularly scheduled services.

If you own a business in Desert Shores, don’t waste time calling up dozens of pest companies, turn right to Pest Control Solutions and get started on our effective commercial pest control services.

What You Can Do To Keep Ticks Off Your Pets In Desert Shores This Summer

As the summer heats up here in Desert Shores, so does tick season. Ticks are a type of parasitic arachnid that feasts on the blood of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Not only are ticks a nuisance, but they can also transmit dangerous diseases to both humans and animals.

Here are a few ways to help keep ticks off of your pets this summer:

  • Keep your grass short and your bushes trimmed for tick control that starts in your yard. Ticks like to hide in tall grass and brush, so keeping your yard well-groomed will help to reduce the number of ticks that make their way onto your property.
  • Use tick preventative products on your pets. There are a variety of products available on the market, so talk to your veterinarian about which one would be best for your pet.
  • Check your pets for ticks regularly. Even if you are using a tick preventative product, it is still important to check your pets for ticks on a regular basis. Be sure to check all of the nooks and crannies, including under the arms, in the ears, and between the toes.
  • If you find a tick on your pet, remove it immediately. There are a few different ways to remove ticks, but the most important thing is to do it carefully so that you don't leave the head embedded in the skin. Once the tick is removed, disinfect the area and wash your hands thoroughly.

If you're looking for extra protection against ticks on your property this summer, contact Pest Control Solutions Inc. We will be able to help you to create a barrier against ticks and other pests, so you can enjoy your summer without having to worry about them. If you have any questions about our tick control services or would like to schedule a free inspection, contact us today.

What Every Desert Shores Property Owner Needs To Know About Wasp Control

up close image of a wasp nest outside a home

Wasps are a type of flying insect that is closely related to bees. Like bees, wasps are capable of stinging, but they are not known to be as docile as bees. In fact, wasps are known for their aggressive nature and their ability to sting multiple times. Their stings are painful as well as dangerous if you are allergic.

Wasps are one pest you definitely do not want to take up residence on your Desert Shores property. You should be aware of the most common types of wasps found here:

  • Yellow jackets: Yellow jackets are one of the most common types of wasp found in Desert Shores. They are known for their yellow and black stripes, and they are known to be quite aggressive.
  • Hornets: Hornets are another type of wasp that is commonly found in Desert Shores. They are larger than yellow jackets and have a more distinct coloring. Hornets are also known to be quite aggressive, so it is important to be careful around them.
  • Paper wasps: Paper wasps are a type of wasp that is slightly less aggressive than yellow jackets and hornets. They get their name from the fact that they build their nests out of a substance similar to paper.

You can identify a wasp nest by its papery exterior and the wasps flying in and out of it. If you see a wasp nest on your property, it is important to contact a professional for help with wasp removal. Trying to remove one on your own can be dangerous, and it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Pest Control Solutions Inc. offers comprehensive wasp removal services that will take care of the problem quickly and effectively. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to safely remove wasp nests, so you don't have to worry about them coming back. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

What Summer Spider Infestations Mean For Desert Shores Homeowners

up close image of a spider crawling in desert shores

As the weather gets warmer, you may start to notice more spiders around your Desert Shores home. This is because many spiders are attracted to the heat and are more active in the summer months. While most spiders here are not harmful, there are a few dangerous ones that you should be aware of:

  • Black widow spiders: Black widow spiders are one of the most dangerous types of spiders found in Desert Shores. They are black with a red hourglass shape on their abdomen, and their venom can cause serious health problems. If you are bitten by a black widow spider, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.
  • Brown recluse spiders: Brown recluse spiders are another type of venomous spider found in Desert Shores. They are brown with a dark mark on their abdomen, and they are known to be shy and reclusive. These spiders are not aggressive, but as with the black widow, their bites can be extremely harmful.
  • Wolf spiders: Wolf spiders do not have any venom, but they can deliver a painful bite if disturbed. They are large spiders with long legs, and they are known to be very active.

To prevent any of these spiders from taking up residence in your home, it is important to keep an eye out for any potential entry points. Spiders can squeeze through very small openings, so be sure to seal up any cracks or holes that you see. You should also regularly vacuum and dust to remove any spiders or their eggs that may be present.

If you are concerned about spiders on your property this summer, contact Pest Control Solutions Inc. We will work with you to create a custom spider control plan that will keep your home spider-free all season long. Schedule a free inspection today to get started.

A Helpful Guide To Keeping Desert Shores Rodents Out Of Your Home

Rodents are a common problem in Desert Shores, and they can be a real nuisance. These pests are known to carry diseases, and they can even cause damage to your home if left unchecked.

Here are a few things that you can do to keep rodents out of your home:

  • Seal up any cracks or holes: Rodents can squeeze through very small openings, so it is important to seal up any cracks or holes that you see. This will help to prevent them from getting inside in the first place.
  • Keep your home clean and clutter-free: Rodents are attracted to nesting areas, so it is important to keep your home clean and free of clutter. Be sure to regularly vacuum and dust, and store food in airtight containers.
  • Remove food sources: Rodents are attracted to food sources. If you have any food that is easily accessible to them, they will be more likely to try and get to it. To prevent this, seal up any open food sources such as pet food, birdseed, or garbage.
  • Use rodent-repellent plants: There are certain plants that rodents do not like, such as lavender, mint, and garlic. Planting these around your home can help to get rid of rodents before they get inside.

These tips will help to keep rodents away from your home, but sometimes home remedies are not enough. If you are still having problems, contact Pest Control Solutions Inc. We will work with you to create a custom plan that will get rid of rodents in your home for good. Schedule a free inspection today and we'll get started on getting your home rodent-free.

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