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Effective Pest Management Solutions In Redondo Beach, California

People move to Redondo Beach in Los Angeles county to enjoy the warm weather that is common in this area. The proximity to the Pacific ocean creates a pleasant mood that can be serene or energetic, depending on the season and the time of day. However, this idyllic view of the water might be tarnished if there is a pest infestation in your home or business.

The water is also attractive to small insects, which are likely to become food for larger ones. The best course of action is to become aware of the threat of an infestation, and take preventative measures whenever possible. However, if there are already signs of an infestation, contact our company immediately to get the problem under control before it spreads.

Termite Services In Redondo Beach, CA

Termite services are critical for protecting the integrity of your home. There are several types of termites that can enter the home through small openings. Some will even be able to burrow through the earth underneath of the home. They can emerge in the basement and chew into the wooden areas that support your building. Over time, this can create a hollowed-out effect that weakens these structures. Once they are damaged, this part of the home is very expensive to repair. This is the major reason why people choose preventative measures for termite control.

Our termite control includes the following:

  • FHA/VA inspections
  • Same-day reports
  • Structural reports
  • Green services
  • Custom treatments

Our experts take proactive steps to ensure that your property is protected from the damage caused by various types of pests. Many of these pests leave trails of feces that can contaminate the surface of the floor, counters or even outdoor areas. If a child touches the contaminated surface and then the face, a disease can be transferred. Protect the health of family members by ensuring that you maintain a pest-free environment all year.

Our services include the following:

Residential Pest Control In Redondo Beach, CA

house in redondo beach

The health and safety of your family members can be compromised with a pest infestation. Many small pests can carry and transmit diseases to humans, for example. They can enter the home by using small openings that are difficult to detect.

Professional pest control experts know where to look for these entry points, and we can seal them to deter future infestations. Once inside the home, they will set up a nest in moist and dark places. Pests like termites can erode the foundation of the home, for example.

Commercial Pest Control In Redondo Beach, CA

commercial building in redondo beach

Business owners in Redondo Beach need to remain vigilant and keep pests out of their stores at all times. The risk of an infestation is higher in areas where there are large bodies of water, so this makes the adjacent buildings a risk factor as well.

If there is an infestation in a neighboring building, it could spread into yours quickly. Preventative measures are effective at limiting the damage, so contact our commercial pest control experts if you have reason to believe that an infestation in happening. Protect the reputation of your business by taking action right away.

Are Ants Dangerous To My Redondo Beach Home?

Ants are the most common nuisance pest across the country, so the chance that you end up spotting some in your Redondo Beach home is very likely. That said, "nuisance" refers to ants that do not cause physical harm to anyone in your household or to your housing structure itself, and there are ants in the area that can do both.

To start, red fire ants are very common for local homeowners and usually live in outdoor spaces. They might find their way to your property because of moisture issues, but you can also attract them because of food scraps and hygiene issues. Fire ants create mounds while they’re tunneling below the ground but if you disturb them, they can be very aggressive and territorial. These ants deliver painful bites that can inflict serious allergic reactions in some people, which can range from mild swelling to difficulty breathing.

The carpenter ant is not known for being the source of direct health risks, yet they can be very dangerous in your home because of the physical damage that they cause. These ants build their colonies inside of wood, which can lead to structural instabilities in ways similar to termites.

For more information on protecting your home with ant control services in Redondo Beach contact Pest Control Solutions today.

How To Exterminate Bees In Your Redondo Beach Home

a swarm of bees outside a home

While bees are often regarded as an important part of the local ecosystem around your Redondo Beach home, there is the possibility that they may swarm and sting you or cause damage to your home when they build a nest. Because of these factors, the best way to eliminate the bees around your property is with professional help from Pest Control Solutions.

Our Redondo Beach bee control service begins with a total evaluation of your yard in order to determine where bees have constructed their hives and what the conditions are that have attracted them. Once we’ve made these determinations, our expert technicians devise a plan that is unique to your situation. Each of our services, including bee extermination, comes with a pest-free guarantee.

For more information on exterminating the bees on your property, call us today.

Redondo Beach's Complete Guide To Cockroach Control

a cockroach crawling in the corner of a home

Cockroaches will invade Redondo Beach homes primarily in search of food and water. Try these tips to keep them away:

  • Be an inspector. Always start the process of cockroach control by looking around foundations, windows, and doors to locate any openings or crevices. For foundations, opt for silicone-based caulk, and for windows and doors, use weatherstripping. It’s also important to open all packages outdoors first because cockroaches can invade anything that’s been sitting in a warehouse or truck.
  • Find and fix leaks. One thing that cockroaches cannot live without is water, and they don’t care what shape it takes. Be sure to always shut faucets off completely, reduce moisture around the home with dehumidifiers, and check gutters for issues routinely.
  • Pay attention to food. Cockroaches do not care what form food takes as long as it’s available. In order to make a home unappealing to them, only eat food in one easy-to-clean room, keep snacks and leftovers in sealed containers, and get rid of trash in a timely manner.
  • Work with a professional. Cockroach problems can be dangerous as well as difficult to eliminate once they’ve started, so the best way to address them is with ongoing support from a pest expert.

For more information on keeping cockroaches from becoming an issue, contact Pest Control Solutions today and get started on our effective Redondo Beach cockroach control services.

How Can I Tell If My Redondo Beach Home Is At Risk For Spider Problems?

Spider species in Redondo Beach like cellar spiders, black widow spiders, and the wolf spider are all examples of different types of spider problems that can develop around your property. If you’re wondering why this is the case, you’re not alone. Spiders like these are attracted primarily to the presence of other pests as well as damp, dark, and secluded conditions.

Parts of your home, like closets, basements, and attics, that you rarely spent time in can create conducive conditions for both spiders and the pests they eat. Things like leaks, issues with humidity and moisture, and clutter in all of these areas can give spiders an ideal place to hunt or spin their webs depending on the species. The seasonal nature of this community as well as your proximity to the water can also produce conditions that make spiders feel at home. When it comes to the pests that spiders eat, they are usually attracted to flies, cockroaches, gnats, ants, and mosquitoes. There are a lot of reasons why you might end up with secondary pest problems, and while some are seasonal, many of them also have to do with the state of hygiene in your home as well as any drips or plumbing issues.

For more information on receiving spider control for your Redondo Beach home, contact Pest Control Solutions today.

Choose Pest Control Solutions, Inc.

Our inspections and customized treatment protocols are effective at eliminating pests from your property before they cause serious damage. Our pest control services are comprehensive. We understand what kinds of pests are likely to appear in Redondo Beach homes and businesses. The experts at Pest Control Solutions, Inc. are trained to handle any pest problem, so contact Pest Control Solutions, Inc. for all your pest-control needs.

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