9 Simple Yet Effective Ant Control Tips For Las Vegas Property Owners

November 13, 2020

Ants are everywhere in Las Vegas, Nevada. While you might not think this is a problem – and in truth, most ants are harmless – some properties will fall victim to costly problems. These tiny pests can bring serious damage and disease if left to infest as they please.

two odorous house ants on a leaf

Ants provide a crucial service to the soil and ecosystem in Las Vegas, but they belong outside, not in your home. To keep ants from spreading disease and damaging your property, read on to learn how to identify and prevent ant infestations.

Ant Identification Tips For Las Vegas Properties

All ants have segmented bodies divided into three parts: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. Six legs branch off of the ant’s thorax, a short stinger sits on the abdomen, and the face has two short antennae and two pincers.

There are two types of ants in Nevada: nuisance pests and dangerous pests. Nuisance ants include the following:

  • Odorous House Ants: 2-3mm, dark brown or black bodies. These ants leave a putrid smell like rotting coconuts, especially when killed.
  • Pavement Ants: 2-4mm, dark brown bodies, and lighter legs. These ants nest in the cracks between pavement or under sidewalks, though their mounds sometimes emerge from these cracks.
  • Little Black Ants: 1-2mm, dark bodies. You can find these pests crawling around kitchens, bathrooms, and hiding in the tiniest cracks.
  • Argentine Ants: 4-6 mm, brown bodies. This invasive species loves moist areas, like the kitchen or bathroom. They often push out other insects.

The occasional Las Vegas resident may also come across the dreaded fire ant. These bright red ants only measure 2-4mm in length, but their stings are painful and repetitive.

Indoor Ant Prevention Tips

A good prevention strategy includes both indoor and outdoor changes. The following can be done inside the house to ensure that ants won’t move indoors.

  1. Declutter your house. Ants often spend the day under cluttered spaces, and will happily rest under your clothes and junk piles.
  2. Deep clean under appliances. Ants like to rest in the undisturbed parts of the house, like the underbelly of your fridge or washer and dryer.
  3. Food and trash storage. Ants feed on trash, pet food, and pantry stores. They are likely to come inside if they sense food in an open pantry or trash can.
  4. Reduce indoor humidity. Moisture issues inside will weaken the wood in your home and invite ants inside, so keep indoor leaks and puddles to a minimum.

Outdoor Ant Prevention Tips

Indoor prevention is only half the battle; these outdoor prevention tips will keep ants from moving near your house in the first place.

  1. Seal cracks. This includes door frames and window caulking, as well as any potential entry points for ants.
  2. Clear yard debris. Leaves, stones, and woodpiles make for ant feeding and nesting grounds, and those pests will certainly move indoors once they find your yard.
  3. Relocate firewood. Firewood is a huge ant attractor, so moving it keeps ants, especially the destructive carpenter ant, away from your home’s foundation.
  4. Remove standing water. Puddles attract all types of pests, including ants. It’s good to drain water away from your house and to keep your gutters clean.
  5. Comprehensive yard maintenance. Falling leaves create nesting opportunities for ants, so make sure to cut grass and dispose of leaf piles.

For the best ant prevention and extermination, contact the pest control professionals at Pest Control Solutions, Inc. We’ll keep your Las Vegas property safe and secure from the problems that ants cause!

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