Are Roof Rats A Serious Problem To Have In Las Vegas?

December 15, 2021

Thinking of rats may conjure visions of cramped inner-city areas, but these rodents can make their homes in desert locales like southern Nevada. Homeowners here may find themselves asking, “Are roof rats a serious problem to have in Las Vegas?” The answer is complicated; speaking to our trained technicians at Pest Control Consultants Inc can be a valuable aid towards controlling this type of rat in Las Vegas.

Are Roof Rats A Serious Problem To Have In Las Vegas?

About Rats Found In Nevada

The roof rat is the most common rodent pest that Las Vegas homeowners encounter. Also called ship rats or black rats, this furry mammal features a dark body color of brown, black, or a combination of the two; their bellies can be white, black, or gray. These rats have large dark eyes and pointed noses. Identifying this species may most easily be done by size. Adults typically measure around 12 to 18 inches in length, including tails. Roof rats are larger than mice and smaller than Norway rats.

Risks Roof Rats Present

It’s evident that these pests are nothing special in looks, but what is truly alarming is that roof rats can pose serious threats.

  • Health: Roof rats are unsanitary and can wreak havoc on otherwise healthy homeowners. Typhus, jaundice, salmonellosis, and trichinosis are conditions these rodents can cause. This type of species is still capable of spreading the dreaded bubonic plague. Rat-bite fever is even a possibility, as these guys can get aggressive and bite; victims may experience joint soreness, headache, fever, and vomiting.
  • Property: Roof rat dangers are not limited to humans; properties are also vulnerable. These buggers can destroy crops; even home gardens are susceptible. Roof rats can use their sharp teeth to gnaw through structural materials such as wood, drywall, insulation, and wires inside the home. Such damage can add up to expensive repairs for homeowners.

Roof Rat Control Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

Wondering, “Are roof rats a serious problem to have in Las Vegas?” It seems anything that cannot be easily controlled could pose a serious problem. As their name suggests, roof rats are adept at climbing, making them difficult to manage. These rodents are comfortable scurrying up to tall spaces in attics and under rooftops; they also reproduce rapidly. Even if a homeowner can remove a few roof rats, there are likely more ready to step in and take over the domain.

Preventing Rats In Las Vegas

Before roof rats become a problem, homeowners would do well to take a proactive approach with a few simple steps.

  • Begin Outside: Trim any shrubs and trees that may have limbs that hang close to the dwelling and could inadvertently allow roof rats access to indoors. Discard any fruit that may have fallen from trees. Repair any leaky sprinkler heads and spigots. Drain your birdbaths. Look for any cracks or gaps on the structure outside that could allow rats entrance and use caulk to seal appropriately. Install a chimney cap.
  • Remember Pets: Frequently remove pet waste from the yard. Don’t let pet food sit out after feeding to prevent roof rats from satisfying their midnight hunger. Remove pet water bowls from outside areas when pets go inside—empty dry pet food into bins with locking tops.
  • Solve Food Storage Problems: Keep dry goods, cereals, and other pantry items in metal canisters with airtight lids. Forgo using original packaging; instead, transfer food to rat-proof containers.

Taking Care Of Roof Rat Problems

Are roof rats a serious problem to have in Las Vegas? These pests certainly can be troublesome. Contact our knowledgeable associates at Pest Control Consultants Inc for advice or assistance on handling roof rat infestations with our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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