Why Spiders Invade Las Vegas Homes And How To Keep Them Out

December 30, 2022

If spiders are invading your Las Vegas home, you may wonder what is attracting this pest and how you can keep them out for good. Fortunately, Las Vegas pest control professionals can help you get rid of spiders quickly and effectively.

Why Spiders Invade Las Vegas Homes And How To Keep Them Out

Types of Spiders That Invade Las Vegas Homes

Las Vegas is home to many different types of spiders, though you may encounter some spiders more frequently than others around your property. The most common spiders to spot around your home include common house spiders, cellar spiders, orb spiders, daddy long leg spiders (also known as harvestmen spiders), brown recluse spiders, and black widow spiders.

Additionally, while all types of spiders in Las Vegas can bite and cause potential health issues, you should be especially careful regarding brown recluse and black widow spider infestations. These two spider species are considered medically dangerous, and a bite from one of these spiders can cause serious issues. Seek medical attention immediately if you have concerning symptoms after being bitten by any spider species.

What It Means If You're Seeing Spiders In Your Home

If you see spiders around your Las Vegas home, the chances are that your property has many of the factors that spiders find desirable. Easy access to food, water, and shelter are all things that draw in spiders and other pests, for that matter. Taking time to evaluate your property for spider attractants and reducing access to these items helps reduce your chances of infestations and curb the number of spiders or other pests on your property.

Five Naturally Effective Spider Prevention Tips

Get rid of spiders naturally by following our five effective expert tips for spider prevention in Las Vegas:

  • Seal cracks around your property’s windows, doors, and foundation to keep spiders out.
  • Reinforce spider-proofing around your home by investing in weatherstripping and sturdy window and door screens.
  • Reduce spider harborage areas by cutting back long grasses, storing wood piles far away from your property, and carefully sweeping away spider webs whenever you see them.
  • Eliminate spider food sources by addressing other pest problems on your property; Pest Control Solutions Inc can help you with this task.
  • Fix leaks and drainage issues that lead to pools of excess moisture or humidity, as these attract spiders and other pest species.

If you have more questions on the best way to get rid of spiders, contact Pest Control Solutions Inc the moment you notice spiders invading your Las Vegas home.

Professional Pest Control Makes For The Best Spider Control

When it comes to spider control, you no doubt want to invest in something effective, easy, and reliable to keep you safe from direct interactions with this pest. After all, encountering the wrong spider species can lead to painful bites, allergic reactions, or more concerning medical symptoms. The best way to address spiders invading your property is to trust Pest Control Solutions Inc to provide you with expert professional spider control.

Our team knows how vital spider control and prevention are for your Las Vegas home, and we will work closely with you to identify your spider problem. Once we’ve inspected your property, tailored treatment plans will help us remove spiders as quickly as possible and effectively protect your home from future spider issues. With our help, you can be safe from spiders in no time and reclaim the peace of your property.

Contact Pest Control Solutions Inc today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Las Vegas.

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