The Best Way To Keep The Las Vegas Bed Bugs Away

June 15, 2022

The unsightly presence of unwanted creepy crawlies is enough to send anyone into an unpleasant shiver. No one wants to encounter pests in unwelcomed places, be it here in Las Vegas or anywhere else; however, it is inevitable that, at some point in time, one type of infestation or another will make its way into your home. One of the many common bugs that invade many homes and establishments is the bed bug. This pest is almost impossible to eliminate from your home without partnering with a professional Las Vegas pest control company.

Bed bugs are flat and wingless insects that typically feed on the blood of warm-blooded mammals. Bed bugs tend to flock to where there is an easy meal, hiding nearby during the day to feed at night while the animal is resting. Though there is little to no danger of viral infection from bed bugs, the bites they leave behind can cause allergic reactions in some people. Even without a high risk of infection, bed bugs are prolific breeders, and a small problem will get out of hand in a hurry leaving you with more bites and more stress.  

The Best Way To Keep The Las Vegas Bed Bugs Away

Unlikely Places Where You Will Find Bed Bugs

You will find bed bugs in more places than just the bedroom. Though you will find bed bugs tucked away within the bed frame, mattress, and box spring, you will also find them hiding within nearby furniture, walls, and wallpaper, under carpeting, rugs, and floorboards. They hide in nearly every nook and cranny within the vicinity of their target prey.

Bed bugs hitchhike into your home from areas where people gather, such as avenues of public transportation, laundromats, motels, and other high-profile areas.

How To Kill Bed Bugs Quickly

If you spot bed bugs in your Las Vegas home, you may be tempted to solve the problem on your own. Internet searches about DIY methods for bed bug control will turn up solutions such as using rubbing alcohol, essential oils, diatomaceous earth, traps, chemicals, high heat, and simply cleaning your home. However, you must eliminate every single bed bug to solve a bed bug problem. What's worse, if you threaten a population, they can lay dormant in your home for months without a blood meal, only to return in larger numbers.

In the end, you will waste a lot of time and money trying to take care of a bed bug problem on your own. For affordable and effective bed bug control, it's best to partner with the professionals at Pest Control Solutions Inc. We have the tools and experience to completely and discreetly rid your home of these parasitic pests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bugs

With the advent of a potential infestation running rampant in your household, a few noteworthy questions are of consideration when dealing with bed bugs and their effects.

Some of the more common questions are:

  • Where are bug begs usually found? You can find bed bugs across the globe and even in the tidiest of establishments despite a person's best efforts to prevent infestation. Bed bugs will infest any establishment - clean or dirty.
  • How does an infestation start? Bed bugs can secretly spread from one location to another by clinging onto personal belongings carried by people.
  • What are the signs of a bug beg infestation? Some signs to look out for with beg bugs are their molting exoskeleton, excrement spots of a rusty-red coloring due to their diet, and, of course, the bugs themselves.

If you have more questions about bed bugs, reach out to our friendly team at Pest Control Solutions, Inc. We have experts standing by to help you understand the extent of your pest problem and how you can effectively solve it.

Total Bed Bug Control For Las Vegas Residents

Though a beg bug infestation might sound concerning, contacting your local pest control for bed bugs as well as regular home remedies can ensure the health and safety of your household and other establishments. It is not as scary as it sounds! For more information on chemicals and other home remedies for invasive bed bugs and other intruding pests beyond, contact our team at Pest Control Solutions Inc. today to learn more about our customizable home pest control or commercial pest control options.

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