How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Las Vegas Home

September 30, 2022

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) vanished across much of the U.S. for roughly 50 years, stretching from the 1940s to the 1990s. As both domestic and international travel increased and many of the pesticides that originally triggered the demise of bed bugs were banned, these pests emerged stronger than ever. Bed bugs are small insects that feed primarily on human blood, typically while the victim is sound asleep.  

Are you wondering how you can get rid of bed bugs? These pests aggressively reproduce and usually demonstrate tremendous resiliency; therefore, property owners who suspect a problem should consult with a licensed pest controller. An experienced Las Vegas pest control company understands how to eliminate bed bugs from homes safely and efficiently.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Las Vegas Home

How To Identify A Bed Bug?

Bed bugs are insects with a flat, oval body style that generally ranges from five to seven millimeters long. They appear in a reddish-brown color and have six legs and two antennae.  

Do bed bugs move fast? Bed bugs use their six legs for crawling at a slow to moderate pace. Bed bugs lack the ability to fly or jump.

Bed Bug Infestations Only Get Worse With Time

Bed bug infestations in Las Vegas generally worsen when left untreated. Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal pests that remain hidden during the day. In some instances, property owners will not detect the presence of bed bugs for weeks or months; therefore, the pests have ample time to proliferate.

How do you check for bed bugs? Aside from seeing live or dead bugs, some of the most common indications of bed bug activity include the following:

  • Sheets and other bedding materials have small red blood stains or dark smears resulting from their excrement.
  • Bed bugs lay tiny white eggs that often cling to areas in and around the bed, and cracked eggshells might be visible.
  • As infestations develop, a musty odor often becomes detectable.
  • Home occupants notice small red dots of irritated skin resulting from bed bug bites.

Not only do bed bug infestations get progressively worse, but they also get increasingly more difficult to eradicate completely.

How Bed Bugs Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Bed bugs usually enter homes as “hitchhikers” inside the purses, laundry baskets, or suitcases of people returning to their homes. Among the most common places where people encounter bed bugs include hotel rooms and other overnight accommodations.

Do bed bugs live outside too? Today, bed bugs are creatures found primarily indoors. Although they can feed on animals, humans are their primary food source. Compared to many insects, bed bugs move slowly and have difficulty surviving outdoors because of their susceptibility when encountering hungry predators.

The Most Effective Bed Bug Control For Your Home

The experts with Pest Control Solutions Inc. provide high-quality treatment for bed bugs that plague homeowners throughout the Las Vegas area. We start by performing an exhaustive inspection that ensures the critters are actually bed bugs. Because of their small size, bed bugs are often initially misidentified as another type of pest (and vice versa). Our inspector checks hard-to-reach areas where bed bugs might be hiding, such as inside walls, beneath furniture, and other voids or crevices.

We typically require two to three hours to treat a home completely. Some of the key areas we treat include mattresses, carpeting, and floor moldings. Roughly seven days after the first treatment, one of our technicians will return to the home as a follow-up that helps ensure your satisfaction.

In addition to bed bugs, our company has many years of experience successfully treating problems involving stinging insects, rodents, ants, and many other troublesome and potentially harmful intruders. Part of our success stems from a commitment to delivering excellent customer service. Contact us today for a consultation.

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