Why Do I Have Ants In My Las Vegas Home?

June 15, 2021

Ants prefer to live in their natural outdoor environment, but, like many other home-invading pests, ants can and will find their way into your Las Vegas, NV, residence in their search for food, water, and shelter.

Once inside, ants build satellite nests in discreet and hard-to-reach locations. It doesn’t take long for them to rapidly multiply into a full-blown infestation. If you suspect an ant problem, find an experienced ant control service for your Las Vegas home.

Why Do I Have Ants In My Las Vegas Home?

Ant Identification

Most ants are considered nuisance pests, but some species are capable of threatening the integrity of your health and your home. The most common species of ants in Las Vegas include carpenter ants, fire ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants.

Carpenter ants are typically black in color, averaging around 1/8- ½ of an inch in length. Carpenter ants are known for causing extensive structural damage that ultimately leads to safety hazards and costly repairs.

Fire ants are dark reddish-brown in color, averaging around 1/10 – ¼ of an inch in length. Fire ants are known for their aggressive behavior, painful bites, and powerful venom that can trigger a severe allergic reaction.

Pavement ants range in color from dark brown to black, averaging around 1/8 of an inch in length. Pavement ants are considered a harmless nuisance, but they can be highly problematic nonetheless.

Pharaoh ants are reddish-yellow in color, averaging around 1/16 of an inch in length. Pharaoh ants are known for their ability to spread diseases such as salmonellosis, staphylococcus, clostridium, and streptococcal.

Regardless of the species and the complications they bring, intrusive ant infestations are not welcomed in any home.

How To Reduce Attracting Factors And Entry Points

Ants are attracted to food and moisture sources. If you have ants in your Las Vegas home, you may have moisture issues as well. Due to their small size, ants can be difficult to prevent. They find their way in through cracks and crevices in the exterior walls and foundations of homes.

Taking the time to apply preventive measures will decrease the possibilities of an ant infestation.

Here are some simple and helpful ways to reduce attracting factors and minimize potential entry points:

  • If you have pets, seal and store their food between meals.
  • Keep your counters free of food and food scraps. Store products in the refrigerator or in sealed containers.
  • Wipe down food prep and dining surfaces after each meal. Wash dishes regularly. Sweep and vacuum as needed.
  • Remove garbage from your home on a regular basis. Make sure outdoor trash cans, recycling bins, and compost bins are sealed with tight-fitting lids.
  • Cut back trees and shrubs from the exterior walls of your home to reduce access. Create a barrier between the foundation of your home and any soil or mulch.
  • Fix any leaky pipes, faucets, and sprinklers in or around your home.
  • Make sure gutters are in good working order and cleared out on a regular basis to reduce moisture issues.
  • Install or repair door sweeps, weather stripping, and screens on doors and windows.
  • Seal any potential entry points on the exterior walls or foundation of your home. Pay attention to areas where wires, conduit, or pipes enter the house as well.

Preventive maintenance is extremely helpful, but it won’t guarantee an ant-free home. The only way to truly resolve an ant issue is with the help of an experienced professional.

Total Ant Control Guaranteed

Pest Control Solutions has been proudly providing pest control in the Las Vegas area with more than 25 years of experience in the pest control industry. We utilize our familiarity with local pests and their habits to successfully eliminate pests and prevent them from returning with out effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.

Pest Control Solutions understands that each pest problem comes with a unique set of circumstances. We will do whatever it takes to customize the perfect plan for the individual needs of your family and your home.

Pest Control Solutions offers weekend and evening services for customers with last-minute emergencies. Your inspection and estimate will be free of charge. Contact us today to eliminate your ant problems for good!

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