How Big A Problem Are Field Mice In Las Vegas, NV?

May 21, 2021

If you see a mouse hopping around your yard, you might not think much about it. But as innocent as a field mouse might seem, it's a rodent that can cause severe damage. Find out just how much you should worry when you have field mice in Las Vegas, NV.

How Big A Problem Are Field Mice In Las Vegas, NV?

Identifying Field Mice

Before you start worrying about a field mouse issue, you should know what you're looking at. The term "field mouse" doesn't refer to one specific type of mouse. Instead, it refers to any mouse that is commonly seen in fields. In Las Vegas, NV the house mouse is often called a field mouse.

The house mouse is a brown, black, or white mouse. It has a tail with some fur on it and an almost cute appearance. However, this rodent in Las Vegas is far from innocent. Since the house mouse is highly agile, it manages to get into homes through unsuspecting entrances. A mouse can jump, swim, and even chew its way into your property and there's a good chance a rodent will invade. Although field mice prefer to live outdoors, they don't stay outside. If you have a nice place for them to nest and plenty of food available, you could lure the rodents inside.

The Dangers Of Field Mice

Unlike some other pests in Las Vegas, NV field mice are more than a nuisance. They have an uncanny ability to spread disease and make your home a hazardous place. They don't need to bite you because their feces are enough to make you ill.

Mice also carry pests. While a field mouse is outside, it could pick up a few hitchhikers. Fleas and ticks could enter your home on the back of a field mouse. Once inside your home, the parasites fall off and may depend on you or a family member to be a host. This makes you vulnerable to the diseases frequently spread by fleas and ticks.

Another danger comes in the form of a fire. As aggressive chewers, field mice can chew through electrical wires. This may result in a short which leads to a house fire. Because the damage is behind your walls, you won't be aware of the problem until it's too late.

Dealing With Field Mouse Damage

In addition to the dangers of field mice, there's also another problem homeowners need to consider - damage. Field mice chew on whatever they can find. As a result, they could make holes in your siding, walls, and furniture. While the repairs to mouse damage might not cost you thousands of dollars, it won't make life easy. You could also experience food contamination, an issue that could leave you forced to replace most of your pantry.

How To Prevent Field Mice From Causing Problems

When it comes to field mice in Vegas, prevention is key. After a field mouse gets into your property, there's not much you can do. They breed quickly and are difficult to eliminate.

Before field mice get in and damage occurs, you should do the following:

  • Seal Up Holes: If there are any small holes in your building, field mice can gnaw them into large openings. Seal up all potential openings.
  • Store Food Properly: The food in your pantry could attract field mice. To make it less accessible, store food in sealed containers.
  • Maintain Your Yard: When a yard is overgrown, field mice will have plenty of hiding places. Mow your lawn, trim your shrubs, and clean up debris.

Work With A Professional

For more advice or assistance, contact our professionals at Pest Control Solutions. We offer ongoing home pest control and commercial pest control along with other services and prevention plans including rodent control. Call us to learn more today at Pest Control Solutions or for a free inspection and estimate.

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