All The Reasons Rats Are Attracted To Your Las Vegas Home

January 15, 2023

Rats can be an intimidating sight to behold. They are vastly larger than mice. In fact, the average urban rat can easily grow to weigh a pound. Rats are very adaptable and able to survive in a wide variety of environments. They are resourceful and will readily make use of any food, water, and shelter opportunities in a given area, making your house extremely attractive to them. It offers them all the shelter they could ever want, with both food and water available. Rats breed fast, and a rat infestation in your home can go from mild to wild in a very short time.

Pest Control Solutions can also get to your home in a very short time to help you with rat prevention. We are your Las Vegas pest control company of choice for all Las Vegas area pests. Call us today, and let us bring our professionalism and history of success to your door.

All The Reasons Rats Are Attracted To Your Las Vegas Home

There Are Two Main Factors That Attract Rats

There are two big reasons rats will move into your home; food and shelter.

Food is the absolute number one reason. Rats are always looking for a good meal, and if they find a lot of good food sources, they are very happy. Instead of working hard to find their next meal, they know right where it is; in your house.

Life is tough out in the wild, and rats constantly seek a safe place to live and raise their families, even if that place is your place. A temperature-controlled home filled with food and water fits their shelter needs perfectly. You love your home. So do they.

Pest Control Solutions does not love rats, especially when they invade your Las Vegas home. Contact us today if rats are in your house. We are your best way to get rid of rats fast in the greater Las Vegas area. Contact us if you see rats, and we will get rid of them for you.

A Rat Infestation In The Home Is An Extreme Health Hazard

Rat infestations can cause a lot of damage to homes. They tend to gnaw on everything from cables and wires to furniture, food stores, walls, and cabinets. Rat-related damage costs homeowners millions of dollars per year in the United States. Worse, not only do they damage homes, but they may also damage you. Rats are notorious disease carriers. Salmonella, E. coli, rat bite fever, and leptospirosis are all associated with rats. Diseases rats carry can become diseases you suffer from.

Pest Control Solutions does not want your home damaged and does not want you to worry about contracting diseases in your own house. We know how to get rid of rats. Contact us today, and let us help you get rid of rats.

How To Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Rats To Your Home

Here are some ways that you can help keep rats from making a home in your home:

  • Seal trash tightly. Open trash containers are the number one thing that brings them.
  • Keep the yard clean. Clutter offers hiding places and nesting opportunities.
  • Seal your home tightly. Rats love an easy way in. They will exploit openings.
  • Keep your counters clean. Dirty counters are enticing to rats.
  • Keep food stores sealed tightly. Open food stores look like a grocery store to rats.
  • Keep your floors clean. Rats are perfectly happy eating your crumbs.

These techniques can help discourage rats from taking up residence in your home. Unfortunately, rats are highly industrious. You will likely have to deal with a rat problem on your property sooner or later, and regardless of when that happens, a call to Pest Control Solutions can bring the professionals running. We kill rats fast, and we want to help you.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of A Rat Infestation

Rats do not respond well to DIY pest control efforts. Unlike mice, rats can be extremely wary, and changes in their environment can deter them. Rats also breed quickly, and though DIY efforts may get some of them, they often miss some of them, too. The remaining rats will breed quickly, and the whole process can start over.

The professional pest control experts at Pest Control Solutions stand ready to help you with rats and all of your other pest control needs. Call us today to get back your peace of mind.

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