Just How Dangerous Are The Mice In Las Vegas?

September 15, 2023

Even tiny things can pose large risks to you and your property. Rodents like mice may indeed be small, but they lead to far greater problems than you may realize. They are also a lot more common than you think, able to invade even clean homes and businesses. Learning how to prevent infestations is truly a matter of avoiding the larger dangers that pests like mice can create. Learn more about mice on your property and how pest control services in Las Vegas is helpful.

Just How Dangerous Are The Mice In Las Vegas?

The Common House Mouse: An Overview

Mice are such common invaders of human properties that we’ve taken to calling them, simply, “house mice.” These tiny rodents, smaller than the other common rodent, rats, are experts at infiltration. They are attracted to our properties because of the easy access they provide to food, water, and shelter.

Once they find areas to make a new home, mice can live for weeks or months before the signs become apparent. That’s why it’s better to take early action to prevent infestations rather than waiting for one to present itself. Professionals offer the best advice, along with thorough inspections of your home that can spot mice themselves or evidence of their activity.

Are House Mice And Other Rodents Dangerous?

Not only are they prolific invaders of human yards and interiors, but mice are also dangerous pests that can carry diseases and parasites.

Here are just some of the serious problems that house mice can lead to:

  • Damage: Rodents chew on common items and building materials to file their front teeth down. This leads to marks all over and potential holes around a property that makes it easier for pests to invade an get around.
  • Disease: Rodents are known to carry illnesses like rabies, plague, and salmonella. They can also carry fleas or ticks that can carry a host of other potential problems and diseases.
  • Allergies: The presence of rodents on a property can also worsen allergies and respiratory illnesses like asthma.

Rodent Prevention Tips & Tricks For Your Las Vegas Home

By the time signs of rodent activity are obvious, it likely means that they’ve been there on your property for a long time. That’s why you should never wait to get started on pest prevention methods. If you only react to problems as they arise, you risk exposing yourself to the serious problems listed above.

Instead, take the following steps right away:

  • Food storage: Mice can chew through most food packaging to access your stored items, so proper food storage is important for avoiding pests.
  • Trash storage: You also need to keep your garbage inaccessible to mice, which can chew through bags or crawl inside of open bins to get at food scraps.
  • Clutter: The more clutter you have around your property, both indoors and out in the yard, the more nesting grounds you’re providing for rodents. Regularly clear out debris or other clutter, especially in dark storage areas of your property.

Turn To Pest Control Solutions Inc For Rodent Control

To truly stay protected from mice and the dangers they pose, turn to experts for further guidance and ongoing service. Only trained professionals know all the areas around a property that pests might be or signs of them. This kind of thorough inspection is necessary to clue you into infestations before they are there long enough to cause problems. At Pest Control Solutions Inc, we can schedule an inspection of your property right away and make sure that you don’t already have mice or other pests. If you do, we can get rid of them quickly, effectively, and safely, offering price guarantees that you won't find anywhere else.

Not only can we get rid of existing populations, but we can also address attractants and utilize preventative solutions that ensure mice are never a problem again. Don’t wait for rodent problems to get out of hand before you take steps to protect your Las Vegas property from them. Contact the experts at Pest Control Solutions Inc. and get started on our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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