Las Vegas Homeowners' Pavement Ant Prevention Guide

April 30, 2021

Ever notice piles of soil around sidewalks or driveways? Then you have probably seen the work of a colony of pavement ants. Pavement ants, also called sugar ants, nest in cracks around Las Vegas homes, patios, driveways, and sidewalks. They create crater-shaped mounds of nesting material that resembles the texture of sand or fine soil. They are so common that you may never have noticed them transporting their excavations to and from their colonies. You may not notice them until they invade your home.

Las Vegas Homeowners' Pavement Ant Prevention Guide

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are found all over the United States. Like most ants, they seek out moist habitats. They are dark brown or black in color with segmented bodies. They are small, ranging from 1/16th to 1/4th of an inch long. They differ from other ants in that there are grooves on their heads and thoraxes. Their antennae and six-legs are paler than the rest of their bodies.

Like other types of ants, pavement ants are social insects. They live in large colonies and are given jobs to do. The worker ants typically send scouts to scavenge for food. Ants have supersonic odor receptors to detect food from long distances. They are equipped with powerful pheromones that act like built-in walkie-talkies that signal to the colony that food has been found! Before long, trails of pavement ants stream into your home and you are facing a full invasion.

A Pavement Ant Invasion

Pavement ants find their way into Las Vegas homes looking for food. These ants have voracious appetites and they will eat just about anything. Dairy, meat, pet food, grease, carbohydrates, insects, nuts, and honeydew are all on the menu for pavement ants.

While pavement ants aren’t considered dangerous, they do pose a risk. Traipsing around your cupboards looking for food can lead to contamination. Pavement ants are also equipped with stingers. While they are rarely known to use them, people who are sensitive to these ants sting might develop a rash or skin irritation.

They might not be a danger to your health, but a pavement ant infestation can be problematic for your Las Vegas property. When pavement ants invade, they bring large numbers and can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

Preventing A Pavement Ant Invasion

Because of their sheer numbers, pavement ants can seem impossible to get rid of. That is why preventing pavement ants from invading your home is the best defense. Prevention measures mean eliminating the factors that bring ants into your home.

Here are a few prevention tips from the professionals at Pest Control Solutions.

  • Clean up! Cleanliness is the best defense against ant invasion. Keeping floors and counters free from food particles will make your home a lot less attractive to pavement ants. Wiping up grease spots on cabinets and frequently mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming can significantly increase your risk of an ant invasion.
  • Seal it up. Sealing up possible entry points can help deter ants from your home. These could be small gaps around doors, windows, or the foundation of your home. You can also seal food in airtight containers and ensure that garbage is removed quickly and stored in receptacles away from your home.
  • Eliminate moisture. Whether it is inside or outside your home, eliminate moisture that might attract ant colonies to your property. Leaky plumbing, standing water outside (birdbaths and ponds), or pet bowls inside are great places to start policing possible water sources for ant invaders.

Pavement ants are hard to get rid of. When pavement ants invade your home, contact the professionals at Pest Control Solutions for assistance with our effective home pest control services and specialty ant control services.

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