How To Keep Bees & Wasps Away From Your Las Vegas Property

April 15, 2021

Bees and wasps love hunting for new places to call home, and if your Las Vegas property catches their eye, they’ll occupy your yard, porch, or patio as quickly as they can.

A bee or wasp nest near your home can be dangerous, frustrating, and difficult to remove. These aggressive insects are territorial and willing to protect themselves with painful, venomous stings. Wasps and bees on your property is a serious matter, but with a little knowledge and the right help, you'll be able to keep wasp and bee nests away.

How To Keep Bees & Wasps Away From Your Las Vegas Property

Common Stinging Insects In The Las Vegas Area

While there are thousands of different wasp and bee species, there are a few that are most common in the Las Vegas area including the Africanized Honeybee, European paper wasp, Northern paper wasp, and German yellowjacket.

  • European Paper Wasps: European Paper Wasps are among the least aggressive wasps and typically only sting when their nest is disturbed. They look similar to yellow jackets but tend to have a slightly longer body.
  • Northern Paper Wasps: Northern Paper Wasps are identified by their yellow legs and the cinnamon-colored markings on the abdomen.
  • Yellow Jackets: Often mistaken for common honeybees, German Yellow Jackets are one of the more aggressive species of wasp.
  • Africanized Honeybees: Also known as "killer bees", African honeybees look a lot like common honeybees but are typically larger.
  • Mud Daubers: Mud Dauber is a name given to common wasps that make their nests from mud. Mud daubers are usually black with pale markings.

What Attracts Bees and Wasps To Your Las Vegas Property?

Bees and wasps are always on the lookout for more favorable living conditions. They're great at finding conditions that can help support their colony. If your yard meets these conditions, they won't hesitate to move in.

Here are the things that will attract wasps and bees to your home:

  • Bright Flowers: A garden or bush full of blossoming flowers is a glowing neon sign that tells bees that you're open for business. Many of the bees that are attracted to flowers are actually mild-mannered and helpful for your garden.
  • Sugars and proteins: Wasps and bees are attracted to sugars and proteins, so leaving food and drinks outside is certain to attract these winged wanderers.
  • Unused piles of wood: Certain species of wasps love to make their homes in undisturbed piles of wood. By having an abundance on your property, you may be giving wasps the green light to come on in.
  • Standing water: Along with food, wasps need water to survive. By allowing puddles of standing water on your property, you'll give wasps the water resource they need to survive.
  • Unsealed garbage: Much like humans, wasps and bees will never turn down a free meal. If your garbage is exposed, this gives them an open invitation to your yard.

How To Help Prevent Wasps

The best way to reduce the presence of bees and wasps is to reach out to a professional, but there are some things you can do to minimize the risk:

  • Seal garbage bins.
  • Remove flowering plants and bushes
  • Remove any leaks or standing water.
  • Clean up immediately after eating outside.
  • If you have fruit trees, discard any fallen fruit as quickly as you can.
  • Plant peppermint trees. (Wasps hate the scent of peppermint.)
  • Reduce hiding places like piles of wood or discarded materials that could serve as nesting places.

How To Handle Existing Wasp Problems

Trying to tackle a wasp or bee problem on your own can be a costly and painful mistake. Bees and wasps do not like being disturbed and will become aggressive when their nest is bothered or they feel threatened. Immediately contact a professional while keeping an eye on the nest from a safe distance to confirm whether it’s active or dormant.

How Pest Control Solutions Can Help

Pest Control Solutions can put the sting to these insects before they get a chance to sting you. We have years of experience preventing, controlling, and exterminating wasps in a safe and efficient manner, and we'd love to bug-proof your home. Call us today to schedule your free inspection and get started on our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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