A Comprehensive Guide To Black Widow Spiders In Las Vegas

October 30, 2020

Las Vegas can be crazy. For an out-of-towner, the lights, the fun, the casinos, and the parties might combine to make it the vacation of a lifetime. But us locals have to deal with real-world issues like bills to pay, work to do, and...bugs. If you’re anything like most Las Vegas residents, you’ve got no shortage of bugs on your property. Along with these nuisances, there may be one or two dangerous pest spiders, like black widow spiders.

a black widow spider in its web in a basement

Black Widows In Las Vegas, NV

Black widow spiders are one of two poisonous spiders in the United States. They’re not the largest pests, barely the size of a quarter including their legs, but they can be a rather intimidating presence. With black, bulbous bodies and the infamous red hourglass marking, they look like they’re straight out of a horror movie if you look too closely. However, their bite is more threatening than their look.

Black widow bites are rarely fatal in the United States, but they almost always require medical attention. Without proper medical attention, most black widow bites will do damage to the victim’s nervous system, create difficulty breathing, and cause nausea, dizziness, or cramping.

Black Widow Spider Prevention

The number one thing that might attract a black widow into a home is a plentiful food source. What they’re looking for the most is a house with a lot of pests already in it, since that’s what they eat. But how do they get on your property? What attracts black widows to your yard, is great hiding places. With any sort of yard clutter like piles of leaves, sticks, or neatly stacked firewood, black widows will find a permanent residence. However, if they see an opening under a door or through a crack in a window-sill, they may venture in if they detect other pest activity in your home.

The best measures to preventing black widows in your home are to stick with good spider control practices, such as:

  • Clean regularly - Leaving crumbs and dirt around will attract pests quickly.Store food and trash securely- If pests can find a way into your trash or food supplies, they will.

  • Keep a clutter-free environment - Clutter allows pests to seek cover when they feel threatened. The more open and exposed they are, the more uncomfortable they’ll be.

  • Control moisture issues - Use a dehumidifier in the crawlspaces and check regularly for leaking pipes. You can limit the damp places in your home that will attract pests the most.

  • Identify entry points - Weather-stripping under doors and securing the caulking around the windows can help keep pests out. You’ll also want to maintain the integrity of all your screen doors and screened-in porch areas.

For specific control, clearing away their webs regularly will frustrate their activities on your properties. You’ll also want to store any yard items or piles of firewood away from your home so that they won’t set themselves up too close to an entrance.

Let’s be honest. Are black widows incredibly deadly? No. But when you have children and pets walking around your yard, do you really want to take a chance? All it takes is the turning of a stone in the garden and you may mistake that bite for a regular spider bite. Then, the venom of the black widow may get a chance to do some unnecessary damage.

Instead of always wondering “what if?”, why not go with a guaranteed solution to the threat of black widows on your Las Vegas property? The best form of spider and pest control comes from professionals. Contact Pest Control Solutions Inc. for more advice and assistance. Our expert residential and commercial prevention and control plans can alleviate the worry that the black widow spiders may cause you. Call Pest Control Solutions Inc. today!

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