How Spiders Get Into Las Vegas Homes

June 4, 2021

When many people think about Nevada, they think about Las Vegas and the never-ending party. Many also think about the hot weather and the desert and what kind of critters and bugs that may bring. If you are one of those people who are curious, concerned, or cautious about spiders in Nevada, then we have some helpful information for you. 

house spider in a window

How Spiders Get Into Your Home

There are 12 species of spiders common to Las Vegas and while many of them are harmless, they are likely still uninvited guests. Not only are they unsightly to most, but their webs, nests, and egg-laying can quickly become a nuisance when they make their way inside your home. Their presence may also draw the attention of larger predatory spiders. So, how do they get in?

  • Common areas include doors, windows, and air vents. 

  • Areas such as where cables or plumbing lines connect

  • Lifts in the roof

  • Cracks in the foundation

They may also enter because you brought them in! Not intentionally, of course, but they commonly will hitch a ride on items coming indoors from outdoors. Items such as baskets, towels, firewood, camping items, or toys may serve as a vehicle for spiders to make their way indoors. 

Why Spiders Enter Your Home

They enter your home when looking to fulfill basic survival needs. Though we enjoy warmer weather all year long in Las Vegas, they may come inside searching for a more favorable climate. They also may be looking for food such as insects or small lizards that have also entered the home. Lastly, spiders and other pests come inside in search of water. They will find an apt water supply almost anywhere including condensation from underneath your bathroom cupboard or the kitchen sink.

What all this means is that if spiders are living in your home there is likely another pest problem. Spiders thrive indoors when there is an ample food source. There are at least 10 common household pests to Las Vegas that would interest a spider, and many of them you may not even think about as a problem. Do you have the odd fly or two buzzing around your window? What about a hornet’s nest hanging under your gutter? The yearly ant population crawling across your floor that you just cannot figure out? These are all contributing food sources that will lure spiders into your home and keep them comfortable with a healthy food supply all year long. 

How Do I Keep Spiders Out of My Las Vegas Home?

You can begin by checking the screens on your windows for rips or loose seams and your doors for any gaps when closed. You can also be sure to seal any lifts in the roof or gaps between an opening and piping or cables. Next, be sure to maintain a tidy home because spiders prefer spaces they can hide. Dust behind bookshelves, organize boxes that have been packed into the attic, and wipe out cupboard spaces. Lastly, be sure to clean any webs as soon as you find them. This sends the message that your home is not a conducive environment to keep a web. Without a web, many spiders cannot eat or lay eggs, so they will move on to an environment more suitable. 

Learn More About Professional Pest Control

The best way to prevent spiders though is to contact the professionals at Pest Control Solutions, Inc. Due to the likely infestation of other pests that draw spiders in, your best course of action is to keep the spiders and their prey out. The professional team at Pest Control Solutions, Inc. can conduct routine visits to implement natural and effective preventative measures. Reach out to us today to learn more about our comprehensive pest control plans to keep spiders and other unwanted pests out of your Las Vegas home! 

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