How to Tell If You Have a Roach Infestation

September 3, 2018

Perhaps you were eating breakfast and saw a cockroach scurrying across the table or went to take a shower and found the unwelcome pest in your tub. If you encounter one of these creepy-crawly creatures in your home, it might have snuck in through a door or a window. However, it could be a sign of a more serious cockroach infestation and pest control in Las Vegas would be helpful.

cockroaches on baseboard

Do You See Cockroach Droppings?

Cockroaches produce a large number of feces. They can poop anywhere they go, but their droppings tend to remain close to their nesting or feeding areas. Roach droppings look like specks of pepper, coffee grounds, or dark grains of rice.

The size of the feces is directly related to the size of the cockroach. Bigger insects produce larger droppings.

If you notice these dark grains underneath or inside cabinets, behind your refrigerator, or in other cracks and crevices, you will probably be able to gauge the extent of your problem. You should clean them up because they can trigger asthma symptoms and attract other roaches. If you see cockroach feces, you might also want to contact an exterminator to get rid of your roach problem for good.

Have You Found Egg Casings?

Cockroach egg casings look like small, pill-shaped capsules. The egg casings may have recently been deposited by the female, in which case they may hatch soon. Older egg casings have probably already hatched. Guess where those cockroaches likely ended up?

What If You See Just One Roach?

Some people say that if you see one cockroach, there are likely hundreds more in your building. Others believe that cockroaches send scouts to investigate an area for resources before calling in their buddies. Although cockroaches do let off chemicals that attract others, they don’t have a social network that would make use of a scout.

Since roaches can crowd themselves into tight spaces and don’t live out in the open, many people don’t notice an infestation until it has gotten out of hand. The best way to find out whether that cockroach that you killed was on its own or an escapee from a larger group is to hire a professional exterminator, so contact Pest Control Solutions to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services, including our reliable cockroach control.

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