Las Vegas Property Owners' Complete Guide To Roof Rat Control

September 30, 2020

They may appear to be just another run-of-the-mill rodent, but these unique household beasties are truly in a class all their own.

roof rat crawling in grass

Roof rats are some of the most prevalent and obnoxious home invaders in the Las Vegas area. Sporting thin bodies covered in brown or black fur, roof rats measure anywhere between 12 - 16 inches in size. These rats possess large ears and a scaly tail that may be longer than their bodies. Interestingly, they differ from other rodents in the way they choose to run about -- vertically rather than horizontally!

Of course, the dangers of roof rats are more than skin deep. Like many other rodent species, roof rats are capable of spreading diseases and causing property damage. These creatures would do anything to ensure the survival of their offspring, ripping apart insulation, cushions, and even garbage bags in search of the choicest items. Roof rats are also very good climbers, hence their name. The ability to scamper up trees, roofs and household objects makes the prevention of this rodent species difficult.

Preventing Roof Rat Infestations In Your Las Vegas Household

Roof rats are just like spies; infiltrating homes quickly, quietly, and without too much suspicion. Their unique physiology makes getting in that much easier, squirming under roof shingles and into chimneys in order to find a peaceful resting place. Some of the best roof rat prevention tips for homeowners in the Las Vegas area are:

  • Install chimney caps. By occluding larger mammals and allowing smoke and soot to pass by, this is an excellent prevention method for homeowners who have experienced repeat roof rat offenses. 
  • Store all garbage and food waste in a sealable bin outside the home. Ensure that trash is removed from the property at least once a week. 
  • Reduce hiding places by removing clutter and large boxes from the floor. Regularly sweeping and vacuuming may keep rodents from choosing to settle down inside.

Roof rats are common in Las Vegas, but are you sure the sounds you’re hearing are coming from a rat? Get confirmation of all your suspicions by choosing a free home inspection with Pest Control Solutions now.

Get Better Direction With Pest Control Solutions

There are certainly worse pests to have in your Las Vegas household, but roof rats definitely make it into the top of the list. Spreading diseases, contaminating food, and destroying property, there is no limit to how far these creatures will go to ensure their survival. If prevention methods and DIY remedies won’t keep these regrettable residential fiends at bay, what will?

Contact the professionals at Pest Control Solutions for more advice or assistance related to the prevention and treatment of roof rats. After more than 25 years in service, we can faithfully declare ourselves as one of the leading pest control enterprises in Las Vegas, NV. We have never believed in a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we take great care in providing customized pest prevention plans to our residential members. From baits and sprays to dust and monitoring devices, our unique treatment methods takedown pest infestations almost immediately – including roof rats!

Discover the treatment plan that's right for you by calling the team at Pest Control Solutions. We will be happy to assist you in diagnosing, distributing, and delivering your rat-stricken home from eternal infestation. Unsure if you want to come in right away? Give us a call at our Las Vegas office to get started, or complete the online contact form to connect with a virtual agent. Pest Control Solutions are here for you; then, now, and always.

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