The Most Effective Way To Handle Bed Bugs In Your Las Vegas Home

September 15, 2020

Many people like taking pest matters into their own hands, but in the case of these tiny terrors, ‘matters’ maybe a little too much to handle! Bed bugs are tiny, ¼ inch long insects that feed on human blood. By hitchhiking from person to person, item to item, these bed bugs can quickly set up an entire infestation within your household.

While bed bugs have not been known to spread disease, the itchy bites, anemia, and insomnia they can cause is reason enough to get them out – and fast. The signs of bed bug activity normally appear to be blood spots or excrement stains on bedsheets, which fool many into thinking that their infestation is a small-scale problem. Of course, this is one of the reasons why many Las Vegas homeowners attempt to handle the problem themselves. 

bed bug on the side of a mattress

Why Most DIY Methods Are A Waste Of Time & Money

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with trying DIY pest control. It can be a great way to keep bed bugs from entering your home in the first place! But, unfortunately, most at-home attempts to deal with a bed bug infestation are ineffective at best and are often a waste of time and money.

Faulty DIY pest control methods for bed bugs usually include the following:

  • Throwing Away The Bed: This DIY method will certainly get rid of your bed, but it won’t get rid of all the bugs. Bed bugs have been known to hide in carpets, rugs, books, and even electrical outlets, making this control method utterly pointless. 
  • Spraying With Vinegar: Vinegar is a strong deterrent for many bugs, but it will not eliminate all bed bugs.  
  • Using The Blow Dryer: Heat treatments are an effective way to get rid of bed bugs, but using the blow dryer will probably not be the best one. Even one tiny egg is all it takes to get the entire infestation started up again.

Not sure how bad the bed bugs have become in your Las Vegas home? Take the time to schedule a free home inspection to investigate your options right away.

How Pest Control Solutions Gets The Entire Infestation

Bed bugs are tricky creatures, which is why their treatments tend to be difficult, complicated, and detail-oriented. Because of this, homeowners often feel discouraged and even betrayed when populations do not go down after DIY treatments. It should be said that preventative efforts and mindfulness go a long way toward keeping bed bugs out of the house. However, an infestation can come from anywhere, and even the most vigilant of us may discover we cannot avoid their presence forever.

That’s where professional bed bug treatments come in. Services with Pest Control Solutions always begin with a free home inspection, properly diagnosing and sizing up the extent of the household’s bed bug presence. By using integrated pest control methods, our team performs entire house treatments in under four hours. Residual solutions allow us to apply a product that kills bed bugs in a flash and keeps killing them over a period of several weeks. Our team cares about quality, which is why a follow-up visit is always given one week after the initial treatment, and 30 days after the whole process is complete. With a 120-day bed bug warranty on household treatments with mattress encasements, there’s no way to lose when working with professional bed bug exterminators.

Professional pest control treatments are designed to exterminate entire bed bug infestations. For the solutions you need for a safer tomorrow, contact the professionals at Pest Control Solutions today. 

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