Travel Guide: How to Stay Bed Bug-Free

September 3, 2018

If you have travel plans and don't want to invite bed bugs to come back home with you, taking a few proactive steps can do wonders. Reducing the risk is easier than you once thought possible as long as you follow a proven plan, and you can stay bed bug-free without much trouble. You can travel without stress because you will know that bed bugs don't stand a chance, putting your worries to rest. Taking a few steps to keep bed bugs out of your clothes and luggage will give you confidence and peace of mind.

bedbug on mattress

Protect Your Belongings

Bed bugs could try to get into your clothes or bags when you arrive at your hotel, and you are unlikely to detect them at the start. Knowing how bed bugs operate gives you the tools to keep your clothes out of their reach. For example, placing your clothes and bags in the bathtub reduces the risk because bed bugs can't climb that surface. Place everything you have in the bathroom until you confirm the hotel room is free of the pests, and doing so is always a wise step in the right direction.

Inspect Your Hotel Room

Inspecting your hotel room before doing anything else is another smart move that will reduce the threat and safeguard you from harm. Using a flashlight, check the seams of your mattress and under the covers of your bed, and you should spot the warning signs if bed bugs are nearby. Since bed bugs can hide in the other parts of your hotel room, don't forget to look in and around your furniture for the red flags of trouble. If you spot bed bugs or signs that they are not far, go to the front desk to request a room on another floor.

Sanitize Your Clothes

Although taking proactive steps to reduce the odds of a bed bug infestation can do wonders, you can't eliminate the threat. Bed bugs can still follow you back home despite your best efforts to avoid them. Luckily, you can sanitize your clothes by sealing them in plastic bags before you go inside your home. Next, take your clothes directly to the bathroom and place them in the dryer on the highest setting for 60 minutes, and the heat will kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

Pest Control Solutions

Finding bed bugs in a home after taking all of the right steps is enough to make anyone feel discouraged and hopeless. If bed bugs have made their way into your home and you want to stop them in their tracks, contact Pest Control Solutions. Our team of professionals will look for and destroy any bed bugs that think of causing you harm. Once you pick up the phone and enlist our help, we will dispatch a caring expert to your door. Give us a call if you want to learn more about our home pest control or commercial pest control services.


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