What Attracts Scorpions to My Home?

June 2, 2020

Finding a scorpion in your home can be extraordinarily frightening to a homeowner. And unfortunately, they often travel in packs. For every scorpion you see, five or six more may be hiding in your home.

In Nevada, there are about 25 different types of scorpions, and the Arizona bark scorpion is the most common. The bark scorpion is also the most venomous in the United States. Their very painful sting releases neurotoxins, and symptoms can include numbness, pain, nausea, and swelling.

Although its sting is usually not fatal to a healthy adult, the scorpion’s sting can be medically-significant to small children, the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, and family pets.

Keeping your home and your family safe from scorpions is important, and you may be wondering what attracts scorpions to your home. Here are some of the more common reasons those scorpions may be moving in.

What Attracts Scorpions to My Home?

Water And Moisture

Surprisingly, scorpions can go without food for several months. But the lack of a constant source of water can be deadly to them. Look around the outside of your home. Standing water or a leaking hose next to the house can be inviting to scorpions.

Inside your house, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are common water sources. Leaking pipes are the usual culprits but even damp spaces, like basements, are enticing.

Fix leaking plumbing and pipes both outside and inside your house and try to minimize dampness in any rooms such as basements and bathrooms. Likewise, make sure to eliminate any standing water.


Scorpions are carnivorous that eat other insects. If you have other insects that have taken up residence in your home, including roaches, spiders, and beetles, then you are providing an ample food supply for scorpions. Termites attract scorpions, too.

Keep your house as pest-free as possible and make sure to regularly check for termites. This may require professional pest control.

Cracks And Crevices

As a general rule of thumb, any crack the thickness of a credit card or larger is big enough for a scorpion to crawl through. That’s a very scary thought. They can enter around foundations, doorways, windows, and rooftops. When the daytime temperatures start soaring, they are even more motivated to find a cool, shady spot.

Once inside your home, scorpions will try to find undisturbed places to hang out. They are nocturnal hunters and prefer to avoid humans. However, when feeling threatened, scorpions will strike. Encountering one in the middle of the night in the kitchen or bathroom is not a surprise you want. Take every effort to seal up any cracks or crevices that allow easy access for scorpions.

The Las Vegas area is an amazing place to live. Don’t let scorpions in your home spoil that. If you need help with scorpion control or other pest control, contact us at Pest Control Solutions and get started on our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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