5 Ways Scorpions Can Find a Way into Your Condo

September 3, 2018

Nevada is home to 25 scorpion species, but bark scorpions are the most deadly and troublesome. They are yellowish-brown and measure between 1 and 3 inches on average. Homeowners in Las Vegas and rural communities are just as likely to encounter these venomous arachnids. Scorpions in Las Vegas can easily invade local homes and apartments in one of the following ways.

5 Ways Scorpions Can Find a Way into Your Condo

Doors and Windows

Bark scorpions can squeeze through openings that are as thin as a credit card. They often pass through gaps between exterior doors and the threshold. Windows are also vulnerable if they aren't sealed or if the screen is damaged.

Roofs and Eaves

Venomous bark scorpions are skilled climbers. They can scale smooth walls and trees that are planted around your condo. Overhanging limbs give scorpions an easy way to climb onto your roof where they can enter through the eaves and vents.


Be careful when storing firewood on your patio or balcony or even inside your home. Scorpions love hiding in damp, dark woodpiles. If you're bringing firewood inside, burn it immediately.

Outdoor Items

Any item that's been stored on your balcony or in your courtyard can harbor scorpions. Boxes, houseplants, patio furniture, trash containers, damp towels, laundry, and shoes are great hiding places. You should be alert whenever you bring these items indoors.

Air Ducts and Utility Lines

Unless utility lines, exhaust fans, dryer vents, and other openings are covered with a mesh screen, scorpions can enter your condo. Heating and cooling ducts are like superhighways for scorpions. They usually run along the outside of the ducts, especially when the air conditioning creates condensation. Scorpions that access the ducts can find their way into your living space.

Common Places Where Scorpions Hide Indoors

Scorpions are fond of dark and damp areas. Sinks, bathtubs, and shower curtains are common hiding spaces. They are at home in laundry rooms, kitchens, bookcases, and cupboards or under appliances. Plumbing leaks and dripping faucets help to create ideal conditions. Scorpions may also hide behind furniture and bedding that's touching the wall. Infestations and sightings occur more often in newly constructed condos that have displaced existing scorpion populations around Las Vegas. Environmental factors can make development more attractive to these venomous pests as well.

Why Scorpions are Attracted to Local Homes

Scorpions are nocturnal. When the bright Nevada sun pops up, scorpions scurry to find a dark hiding place. They can conceal themselves in dense vegetation, tall grass, groundcovers, and landscape plants that are growing close to your building. These sheltered areas can support large scorpion populations and increase the likelihood that you will find one in your home. Since scorpions are carnivorous, infestations are sometimes related to the presence of insects, spiders, and lizards.

If you're concerned about a recent scorpion sighting, call Pest Control Solutions Inc. We are experts at removing and managing bark scorpions and other pests that are found in Henderson, Paradise, and greater Las Vegas. reach out today and get started on our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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