Types of Nuisance Birds in Las Vegas

September 3, 2018

Pest Control Solutions Inc. provides critical services to our clients in Las Vegas. Birds migrate through this region of the country all year, and they can annoy the residents and business owners. Our Las Vegas pest control services are designed to correctly identify these birds, which is essential for taking appropriate action.


Top Nuisance Birds in Las Vegas

The most common birds in this region can be annoying. We carefully analyze the appearance, behavior, and habits of the birds in the area. We use this information to come up with effective solutions. Here is a shortlist of birds that create a nuisance to residents, visitors and business owners in Las Vegas:

• Band-tailed pigeon: Although this particular pigeon is quiet compared to other species, it still has an annoying habit of leaving a trail of droppings in any place where it travels. They are voracious eaters, and they are always looking for a meal of insects and other small pests. They will also eat human food as well. When visitors to Las Vegas have to step over or around a pile of bird droppings, there is a good chance that a band-tailed pigeon was involved.

Cackling goose: These birds have a distinctive appearance, and there are several different sub-species found in Las Vegas. This bird has a long neck with a blackhead and a white strip of fur around the neck area. The feathers are light brown and tan, and this bird has a unique voice that is annoying to some people. The female and male produce different sounds.

• Woodpeckers: Woodpeckers are notoriously irritating because of the repetitive sounds they make when they are pounding their beaks against the wood of various Las Vegas trees. In addition, they may also perform this activity on other wooden structures as well. Some people report woodpeckers rapping against the walls of their garage or home. This can disturb your sleep, but it can also damage the property.

• Common Crow: This annoying bird is found in large numbers around Las Vegas. It will make loud sounds that are piercing to the ear when it thinks there is a chance of getting you to drop some food. This bird is attracted to any agricultural area where crops are growing, and it can feed off of a variety of farm crops.

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Controlling these birds can be extremely difficult unless you have the proper tools, training, and experience. Our company is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of effectiveness in bird control for our Las Vegas customers. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about bird control in Las Vegas. Please contact PCSI for all of your home pest control and commercial pest control needs.


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