What Las Vegas Property Owners Ought To Know About Wolf Spiders

December 15, 2020

Wolf spiders aren’t just fuzzy giants: these arachnids are some of the hairiest, scariest predators in the Las Vegas area. Thankfully, the wolf spider is far scarier looking in person than they are in practice. In fact, they pose no real threat to pets, people, or their property. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to prance around your home unattended.

wolf spider in home

Wolf Spider Prevention Tips For Las Vegas Homeowners

Wolf spiders operate much differently than other types of arachnids, partially because of their nomadic behavior and partially because of their larger size. The prevention of these pests in the home is unique due to the fact that wolf spiders follow their prey from location to location.

Give the below prevention steps a try if you are concerned about wolf spider activity in your home: 

  • Seal up any gaps that may have formed between the home and the outside world.
  • Waterproof caulking is the best option for entry points. 
  • Check screens and door sweeps for signs of damage. Replace any screens that are too damaged to be patched, and replace door sweeps with fresh, new materials should the damage be extensive enough. 
  • Investigate additional pest infestations, especially those that could be serving as prey species for wolf spiders. Flies, beetles, roaches, and other smaller insects could be fueling the wolf spider’s migration into your home.

If wolf spiders are already active in your home, there is a great possibility that another pest infestation is already underway. Not sure what could be causing your arachnid arrival? Get a free pest inspection with the folks at Pest Control Solutions today. 

Worried About Wolf Spiders? Let Pest Control Solutions Make Them Go Away!

Spiders have been living in human homes and commercial buildings since the very beginning. While most arachnids are more a nuisance than anything else, these creatures are certainly not welcome to hang around your safe Las Vegas property. Home and business owners must enact swift and severe treatment in order to rid their properties from wolf spiders once and for all. 
Contact the professional team at Pest Control Solutions today for more advice and assistance relating to the treatment of wolf spiders in your Las Vegas home. Protecting properties in Nevada for more than 25 years, our expert team of pest professionals is entirely dedicated to helping you stay safe and pest-free. Innovative treatments, safe chemical applications, and exceptional services have defined Pest Control Solutions as one of the leading providers of spider care in Las Vegas. No matter how big or small your wolf spider issue is, trust our team to get the job done right. 

To explore your residential pest control or commercial pest control wolf spider treatment options, call the main office of Pest Control Solutions right away. Our team members are passionate about pairing customers just like you with a pest control plan that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Get customized help and a Problem Solved! Guarantee™ when you contact the team at Pest Control Solutions now.

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