What Las Vegas Property Owners Ought To Know About Pharaoh Ants

February 15, 2021

Since ants are common and easy to kill with a shoe, people tend to be relaxed with managing their populations. Many Las Vegas home and business owners think the worst thing an ant can do is be annoying or bite them. Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning. Ants can contaminate food and surfaces with the germs and they also can disseminate diseases. The likelihood of this is particularly high with an infestation. An invasion is nearly inevitable, as these insects can reproduce with lighting speed.

There are multiple subspecies of ants, and some are more dangerous than others. Several can be tougher to get rid of as well. Both facts apply to pharaoh ants, which are prevalent in the city. This class is known for spreading dysentery, salmonellosis, and pathogens, and dying hard. With all this in mind, it would be wise to learn about prevention methods and how Pest Control Solutions Inc can be of assistance.

What Las Vegas Property Owners Ought To Know About Pharaoh Ants

What Do Pharaoh Ants Look Like & Behave? What Are the Risks?

In general, pharaoh ants are about 0.12 of an inch long or less. Their bodies are yellow or yellow-brown, and they have black and red marks on their abdomens. If a location is warm and has an abundance of moisture and food sources, they will set up shop there. When in nature, they will focus on lawns and gardens. When inside a home or business, they’ll create nests in dark spaces where they won’t be disturbed. For instance, behind a wall or in a structural void. These bugs will also surround insulation, rods and pipe chases, baseboards, and fabrics.

As you might imagine, pharaoh ants will spend a great deal of time in the kitchen too. They will rummage through the pantry and cabinets, looking for proteins, fats, sweets, and grease. If they come across other insects, they won’t pass up an opportunity to eat them.Typical points of entry for pharaoh ants are:

  • Gaps and openings in siding and foundations
  • Torn window screens
  • Doors and shutters with cracks and crevices

Remember, pharaoh ants have small and nimble bodies. They can slip through holes of any size. The foremost sign of infestation is seeing their amber-colored workers. One of the reasons why these critters are so challenging to control is that they’re able to form numerous colonies in a single area.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Pharaoh Ants?

Your residence or establishment doesn’t have to fall victim to pharaoh ants. To keep them at bay, you’ll have to practice cleaning in an exhaustive manner.

Further, you’ll need to pay close attention to your building’s exterior maintenance by:

  • Patching up holes in foundations, doors, windows, posts, and utilities
  • Adding sweeps to all exterior doors, and making sure screens are intact
  • Trimming your grass and greenery on a regular basis
  • Keeping plants and flowers a few feet from your property
  • Inspecting the yard for ant mounds
  • Using storage containers with tight lids for food and trash
  • Cleaning the pantry and kitchen routinely, and washing dishes
  • Keeping carpeting vacuumed
  • Removing garbage often
  • Calling Pest Control Solutions Inc if you have bugs that pharaoh ants consume

How Will Pest Control Solutions Inc Handle Pharaoh Ants?

Don’t throw away your money or waste time trying “do it yourself” methods with pharaoh ants. Most hacks and retail products will have low effectiveness. Some will only make things worse, or will be hazardous to use. Instead make that call to  Pest Control Solutions Inc. Our skilled technicians will use safe and state-of-the-art tools to eliminate ants. Treatments may consist of dusts, sprays, baits, and monitoring devices. Our services are guaranteed, and emergency visits are available. Call us today at Pest Control Solutions Inc for a free home pest control or commercial pest control inspection!

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